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Star Wars Galaxies movies

Star Wars Galaxies game that releases this Thursday. I'm reading the forums, and am coming across in-game footage...some is interesting..some is funny!

1. boog.WMV - Wookie gets jiggy wid it (you need audio to enjoy this) 2.7meg
2. swg.wmv - a group of beta testers assembled this footage. 36meg
3. swghigh.wmv - short compilation of random footage...a little more random dancing...mostly combat though 12.5meg
4. wookiesmile.avi - this is showing the first person view...the game can run 3rd or 1st person camera 1.7meg
5. FinalHumancreation.avi - this video shows character creation/customization of character features. let me tell you, this is like 100x more customized than shadowbane...and this doesn't take into account all the clothing options 14.7meg

all this footage is from beta, not all on the best machine..and the last one is a camcorder shooting the screen. all the sound is dubb'd in, but the video is really in-game.

the lyrics in the first movie are a little...colorful..so be careful at work (it's Lil Kim)

Posted by Jake on 06/24/03 @ 12:00 PM
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