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6-year-old girl gets her lemonade stand back after government took it

If you hadn't heard before, police in Naples, Florida, were forced to shut down a lemonade stand that Avigayil Wardein -- a brown-haired, 6-year-old who just lost two front baby teeth -- had been running. Someone reported her, saying it was against the law for her to sell lemonade with out a permit from the city. And the city shut it down (though offered her a free permit as the Mayor of the city was a client of hers, saying it was good lemonade). The girl's lemonade stand is back in business, after it made national headlines and talk shows and hundreds of people offered to pay for the permit. There's even a college scholarship fund setup for the little girl at a local bank.

But the greatest part, and I'll quote the article, is that the little girl is famous, but doesn't seem to realize it.

She's still a normal 6-year-old who wants to spend what little money she has on candy, art supplies and dresses she can wear when she practices her ice skating moves. She likes to show off her fingernail polish -- blue on one hand and purple on the other -- as she fills the plastic cups with her mother's homemade lemonade.

But she doesn't realize how many people know about her. She bases fame on how many coins and dollar bills are in her tip jar ? a glass vase with a sign taped across it letting customers know spare change can be tossed inside.

Since news of the lemonade stand began spreading earlier this week, she expects to be "famous" for a long time.

"It makes you get lots and lots of money," Avigayil said, while holding her tip jar. "It's really fun."

Avigayil, we salute you, and if I were anywhere near Florida, I know I'd be buying your lemonade.

Posted by Jake on 06/21/03 @ 04:10 PM
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