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Any DSL/Networking Gurus out there?

OK, I have about had it up to here with my ActionTec 1520 not playing nice with my Watchguard SOHO firewall. Our new DSL connection requires PPPoA to get the static IP address that has been assigned to our office here. All I want to do is make this thing be absolutely transparent and just pass EVERYTHING it gets directly to the firewall where it can then get routed around to the correct servers (as we run Web servers, Terminal servers, as well as a couple other ports I need to have open and routed). But this stupid modem does NOT want to play nice with my stupid firewall. I've tried disabling NAT. I've tried using the transparent bridge setting. I've tried (though maybe I'm not doing it right) a static route from ActionTec to the firewall, no luck. I've tried putting the firewall in a DMZ, no luck. The ActionTec has firewall features, but they don't work at all, either, so I'm not about to put the dozen ports into the modem and hope it works (already tried that).

I've spent the last 6 hours kicking the sh!t out of this thing getting nowhere (and this is after the various other days I've spent trying, too). My DSL provider has been less than helpful, as well. They can't seem to find their Tech guy, and when I told them that they were no good to me, they said "Well you're no good to me, either!" How's that for customer service? If they weren't the only broadband providers around these rural parts of Central Oregon, I'd tell them to to f**k off.

Does ANYBODY have any idea what I might be missing? Anybody ever dealt with this modem/firewall and gotten it to work? Anybody? Bueller?

I need a drink...OK, I don't drink, but maybe I should start... .

Posted by Jake on 06/20/03 @ 05:14 PM
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