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Shadowbane Journal - First entry

Ok, so I'm playing this MMORPG called Shadowbane. It's pretty fun, but I keep re-rolling characters instead of sticking with one past level 30.
Part of this is due to how many character class/race combos there are, and ways to tweak each combo into a unique style for gameplay.

So, I'm sticking with my assassin, Kaytana. She's level 25 (easily attainable in 3-5 gaming sessions), a female Shade, and has been entertaining to play so far.

I've been running around in a region of temperate forests and hilly plains. The major city is Kings Cross. Times are difficult...I spent much of my savings on a fantastic dagger, but have been repeatedly slaughtered by wandering assassins.

What ever happened to honor among thieves?! Levels 21-31 are the hardest to advance through, because there are so many others out there who can take you out. By level 32, you stand a much better chance of fleeing from a higher level attacker and living.

Unless, of course...its an assassin...
Update - I stayed up way too late last night, and made it to level 30, and joined a guild. I was recruited into The Phalanx...apparently someone's been attacking the city (they destroyed our bank), so they are beefing up the population.

Posted by Jake on 06/13/03 @ 06:48 AM
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