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One Weekend a Month My Ass

Just got this from a reservist friend of mine:

Update on 9/30/03: A full update on all of this, and what this picture has been doing online, as well as why I renamed the image how it is, who has been linking to it, etc..., is available in this recent post.

Posted by Jake on 06/13/03 @ 09:22 AM
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Just One from Abstract Dynamics on 07/25/03 @ 02:55 PM:
Apparently this photo has been circulating the web for a month now and just got mentioned in the NYTimes.... (Read More)

'One weekend a month my ass' from Drudge Retort on 04/20/04 @ 05:44 AM:
The "one weekend a month" slogan of the National Guard has never been less true than the present, as thousands of part-time reservists serve longer in war zones than some active duty troops. Nancy Durst's husband Scott, a member of... (Read More)

Doing your bit. Again. from Waveflux on 06/29/04 @ 10:52 AM:
The Army is preparing to notify about 5,600 retired and discharged soldiers who are not members of the National Guard or Reserve that they will be involuntarily recalled to active duty for possible service in Iraq or Afghanistan, Army... (Read More)

Smack the Penguin from UtterlyBoring.com on 10/31/05 @ 09:49 AM:
Don't play this at work, otherwise you'll keep trying it until you beat my score: Good luck :-) Update: The above link is down, but one of the comments gave... (Read More)

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