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Nebraska considers war against Iowa

From the story:

A Nebraska lawmaker is so fed up with constituents crossing the state border to gamble that she proposed going to war with neighboring Iowa.[...] The proposed amendment read: "The sovereign state of Nebraska declares a state of hostility with the sovereign state of Iowa until such a time as the state of Iowa ceases the unjust and relentless appropriation of the resources of the citizens of Nebraska."
Link via Newsfilter.

OK, Gregg, you win: Your state lawmakers are bigger idiots than mine. A columnist from Iowa has written a very funny reply to the bill that is well worth a read:

"Now, Nebraska, you want to play catch up. Well, good luck. At this stage I sincerely doubt that even when you do manage to legalize gambling that you will gain the upper hand if for no other reason than who wants to drive into downtown Omaha to gamble? What Las Vegas casino corporation would want to move into a neighborhood that already has three casinos with easy access, great parking and room to expand in order to endlessly one up you? What could you possibly offer that could top us? Legalized prostitution? If you did, I'm sure you'd legislate the life out of it until it was as soft-core and boring, too, the sexual equivalent of keno."

Posted by Jake on 05/31/03 @ 03:17 PM
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