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If you have to smoke, at least do it cheaper

I hate smoking. I think it's a horribly disgusting habit, and smokers are generally stuck in the habit and can't get out. While cigarette taxes have gone up nationwide, addicted smokers will still keep buying. I have friends who are addicted, and will admit it, and spend way too much money on their habit. Thanks to a link from Al's Morning Meeting, those addicted folks can save a few bucks.

On Yesmoke.com (based in Switzerland) a carton of Marlboros from costs only $15, postage included, whereas the average cost of a 10-pack carton in the United States is $37. The tab is even higher in New York City, where smokers pay more than $3.50 a pack just in taxes, which can mean a full-retail price tag of $75 a carton. Switzerland doesn't have to pay the taxes, so they can pass the savings on.

Obviously, the government is disturbed by this, as research shows that states could lose up to $1.4 billion in tax revenue.

Here's what I'd like to see for those smokers that save money doing this. Take the money you save, buy something for your kids or family that you couldn't do otherwise, and set aside some money and invest in a program to stop smoking.

Posted by Jake on 05/03/03 @ 02:31 PM
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