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Since when are Snapshots of Babies Kiddie Porn?

The Dallas Morning News Reported: "The service was fast, the judgments even hastier. Never did Jacqueline Mercado imagine that four rolls of film dropped off at an Eckerd Drugs one-hour photo lab near her home would turn her life inside out, threaten to send her to jail and prompt the state to take away her kids."

The story details how one family's snapshots at bathtime and while breastfeeding led to a felony porn charge.

"To Richardson police, who arrived at the store that afternoon and apparently made up their minds from the content of the pictures alone, this was nothing short of a felony case of child pornography. 'We thought they contained sexuality,' says Sergeant Danny Martin, a Richardson police spokesman, explaining why two Richardson police detectives began pursuing a criminal case. 'If you saw the photos, you'd know what I mean.'

"The couple's lawyer says, 'These aren't pictures that were peddled on the open market. This wasn't on someone's website. This is just a mother who took a roll of film and left it off at Eckerd's. The state used them to arrest her, indict her for a felony and take away her kids.'"

The charges were dropped, but the couple's kids are still under state control.

This is, honestly, one of the most idiotic things I've heard. Everybody takes pictures of their baby and kids, and many times, they're naked. Makes me want to go set fire to all the pictures I have of my daughter as a baby, in case they could be used against me for a felony court case. Not only that, but the mom still can't see her kids.

Link from Al's Morning Meeting.

Posted by Jake on 04/21/03 @ 10:05 AM
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