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Why not drug test teachers?

If it is OK to drug test student athletes, band members and even after school club members, why is it such a problem to test teachers? Oregon teachers hate the idea, but why would they? I think it's only fair that they get tested, too, considering the students are getting drilled with drug tests. They claim that they test further when there is a "reasonable suspicion" that an employee may be using illegal drugs, but is that enough? Random drug testing is common in many professions, and I feel that teachers are one of the most important groups of people in the world, and should be setting the right example for their students. Instead, they practice the "Do as I say, don't do as I do" attitude.

Posted by Jake on 04/18/03 @ 10:33 AM
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Bob-in-CT said on 07/31/03 @ 02:59 PM:
Don't forget the administration -- they're the ones that make the rules (in other words, decide to drug test students). They should be subject to random financial audits, to make sure they're not making money from drug testing (by owning stock in the companies). The board of education should be given random lie-detector tests, when they tell everyone what great results the tests have.

linda said on 10/18/03 @ 09:47 AM:
i feel that teachers should be drug tested. As a concered parent i feel that this is an important thing to do. As i feel that teachers could be on drugs. So if the sutdents need to have it done i feel that the teachers should have it done thank you.

DERIC MAXWELL said on 11/04/03 @ 08:58 AM:

DERIC MAXWELL said on 11/04/03 @ 08:59 AM:

Samantha said on 12/11/03 @ 05:13 PM:
I think that student athletes along with teachers shouldbe tested. I also think people that cant spell "have to" should not post on internet sites.

mary franks said on 01/06/04 @ 12:32 PM:
hi um well my school has just had drug dogs come in and search and they found some stuff but not much and regular drug tests go on for the students but my question is is why dont they test the teachers quarterly

CJ Taylor said on 01/21/04 @ 08:47 PM:
I am getting in for mation on this because i half to write a bill on passing this in the school. The bill is for an assinment and i need more in for mation. The bill is about shuld we drug test the students and the teachers and i am all for it i want to see if the teachers really do things like teenagers due

thank a mill CJ Taylor

Rebecca Mitchem said on 02/02/04 @ 03:54 PM:
I believe that it should be mandatory for teachers to take random drug tests throughout the school year. I do not believe it is a vilation of privacy but as another safety precaution for the students. Every one would benefit from the drug tests.

sam said on 02/13/04 @ 09:21 AM:
stupid head

Acidburn5000 said on 03/30/04 @ 09:36 AM:
I think it would be stupid the teachers maybe if the athletes, and band members get tested then maybe they should,but if the school doesnt have that policy then so what. its the teachers personal life get over it, but if the teachers come to school on something then they can fire them! that is what i think!

Mael'Ec said on 03/31/04 @ 12:03 PM:
i will shit on all of you!

acidburn5000 said on 03/31/04 @ 12:07 PM:
if we let the schools do this then what next they would fucking try to do anther things, it would be about just techers it would be about everyone. Come on now just think about it for a couple of mintues. Then decide about this whole stupid drug testing thing!

Mike said on 04/07/04 @ 09:00 AM:
Not all professions have random drug tests, and I agree with those that think that teachers should be tested, if under suspicion. I know two teachers personally that "smoke weed" and they are fabulous teachers. They know the difference between work and private life. It has never affected either of their performances, and they even coach football. I feel that the teaching profession would be losing many good educators, or causing them to change their lifestyle

Bill said on 04/21/04 @ 07:21 AM:
Due to the recent discoveries that I have encountered in the last few months at my school dealing with my teachers, I think that the teachers being tested is a good thing. The 3 teachers that I know for a fact that do drugs are pot heads and coke heads. And I don't know about you, but when you walk into class and you see your teacher sniffing and wiping their nose like it is about to fall off constantly throughout the entire year... I get pretty pissed to know that my teacher is sniffing coke in the teacher's bathroom between classes. I don't like the fact that my teacher is using his drugs at school right before my class. So I definately think that teachers should be tested randomly throughout the year.

Julie said on 05/13/04 @ 08:29 AM:
I personally believe that students, athletes, teachers, principles should all be tested for drugs. As for Athletes, the are role modles for our school and they should be tested for drugs. If they are role models and they do drugs. They may influence other students who look up to them to do drugs. So all I really have to say is, the whole dang school should be tested for drugs no matter what.

Dawn said on 05/31/04 @ 02:32 PM:
Who are YOU to decide who is drug tested or not. you mean to tell me that you are perfect?? there are people called "parents" that use drugs. Are you going to suggest that we drug test them also?
There is a teacher shortage as it is, in many places. Are you saying that if you drug test teachers. education will be better? More kids will graduate?
Why not use the states money for something useful, like paying teachers what they are worth!!! and making sure they have insurance!
HEY AMERICA!!! Appreciate your teachers and stop looking for ways to tear them down! They do more your kids than you do!
find someone else to test. (hmm maybe someone more likely to use drugs.) are police officers or any political officials tested? what about attorneys?

Olivia said on 08/30/04 @ 02:37 PM:
Teachers, students, and athletes should not be drug tested. A person's job or athletic performance should be graded on just that- their performance. I know educators who experiment once in a while, and they are great. I know some who experiment and are horrible. The same could be said about those who don't; some are great and some are not-so-great. We need testing for teachers that shows how compassionate, globally-concerned, and honest about life they are, not whether they have smoked marijuana in the past thirty days!!

kenna and chey said on 09/13/04 @ 11:59 AM:
hey people wake up!! drug testing is a great idea!! what if your teacher came in one day and was high what would you do?!! they could not teach you properly and would be making a complete fool of themselves!! then they would get fired and would you like that to happen to ur teacher?!!

audra said on 11/23/04 @ 04:09 PM:
why excacly cant teachers take the test? i am a student from hoisington high school and we are starting the drug testing program. well i heard that the teachers cant take them. well we have teachers at our school that look, and act like they are on drugs. but their not getting tesed i want to no exactly why. the school bus drivers are why not the teachers? it blows my mind that they can even do that to the students it puts a lot of stress on them just tring to find out why they have to and teachers dont. please e-mail me some answers our school needs to know please i want our school to know the things that are happening in our school thank you for lesting please e-mail me back my school and i want to know all the answers thank you.

Chad said on 02/21/05 @ 08:05 PM:
They should'nt even test for pot. They should just legalize it and put an age limit on it like alcohol.

audrianna said on 02/23/05 @ 12:43 PM:
first of all i dont think that its fair. For students to get tested and not teachers, and if we dont want to do the test nither do parents then the students are treated as if they faeiled the test. Wich leds to 21 days of no after school activities, 20 days of in school suspention, and 3 sesions of drug conseling. I think that thats unfair, and people should relize that. I hate the idea not only because i do drugs but because it is our right to do what we want, on our own time.

thats why i think its bull shit

MAr said on 04/11/05 @ 03:13 PM:
i think alot of teachers would get fired if they drug tested them so i dont think they should drug test teachers cause it's a waste of money and time.

Odium said on 08/22/05 @ 09:34 PM:
I am deeply considering going to college to become a teacher. If teachers were drug tested, I would not consider doing so. I know first hand of teachers (in my family) that smoke weed and are fine at what they do. It has never complicated their jobs or put them in uncomfortable situations with students. If you are able to maintain yourself *with weed it is not hard* and keep your personal life and work life seperated then there should not be testing. If however there is evidence against you as a teacher, you should not have the right to deny a test.

Lets make it plain and simple. If you want to be, or are a teacher...don't ever let a student know you smoke/do drugs. Never bring anything with you to school. Don't ever smell of smoke, and keep your priorities straight.


bob said on 10/26/05 @ 11:25 AM:
weed is good for the body

googly said on 12/12/05 @ 07:41 AM:
i think teachers should drug test if they have a problem with it then they look suspicious and if they dont have a problem with it then they probably aren't doing drugs
just test them and get over it what about our students opinion we dont get a choice and they dont either

bentucky queen said on 12/19/05 @ 02:33 PM:
all school employees should be tested. teachers, support staff, bus drivers ect. the whole lot should not be exempt.

Bacon said on 05/25/06 @ 10:30 AM:
Drug testing is stupid and useless! what are you going to do with all the people that you catch? kick them out of school? Fire them from their jobs? turn them into the police so they can serve time? just because they smoked a joint a week ago. I say bullshit! Only schools that have very serious drug problems should think about testing, and I believe that should only be for serious drugs like heroine, cocaine, crystal meth, etc..., and that goes for students and teachers. This web page is a good example of how quick Americans will believe whatever the government tells them. What some of you do not realize that drug testing, just like phone tapping is breaking every Americans 4th amendment rights. We as Americans should be outraged by this because it is one of this nations founding principles. I suggest that everyone go and research how drugs became illegal in America I'm sure you will find some interesting facts.
~University student, future High School teacher of history and geography~

spunk32 said on 07/05/06 @ 08:27 PM:
"a violation of the 4th amendment" give me a break. it seems someone has something to hide. this is not an issue of what freedom you have to try and protect, it is about the safety of the children. a true teacher would not be selfish on this issue and i think would have no problem being subjected to random testing. unless of course they had something to hide. and yes if they are caught with a positive test they should be brought to authorities. what kind of example does this set for the children? i sure would not want my children being taught by someone who smokes a joint or does any other drugs.

Smarterthanu said on 05/03/07 @ 09:24 AM:
Should students be tested at random? Students should NOT be tested at random. Only students who choose to participate in extracurricular activities should be considered subject to testing. Why is this okay with me? They are making a choice to participate, thus get to choose whether to be tested or not.

If you're not "guilty", what do you have to hide? Innocent people do have something to hide: their private life. The "right to be left alone" is, in the words of the late Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis "the most comprehensive of rights and the right most valued by civilized men."

Testing as illegal search and seizure: It is unfair to force workers who are not even suspected of using drugs to "prove" their innocence through a degrading and uncertain procedure that violates personal privacy. Analysis of a person's urine can disclose many details about that person's private life other than drug use. It can tell a school whether someone is being treated for a heart condition, depression, epilepsy or diabetes. It can also reveal whether a student or an employee is pregnant. This is private and personal, and not anyone's business -- learn your rights, see your Government teacher!

teacher gal said on 06/23/07 @ 03:46 PM:
I'm a teacher. I was told my whole life that MARIJUANA WAS EVIL and it's the GATEWAY DRUG... yadda yadda yadda. Anyways, I tried it for one month to give it a fair shot after looking into the history of why it was banned (racism and money) and what it really does to the mind and body (it's actually beneficial... hence MEDICAL MARIJUANA!!). Anyways, I smoked... a lot. I quit because when I got ready to apply for jobs, I was afraid they would drug test me. I didn't get drug tested so I started again. Then I went to work somewhere else at another school district and they wanted to drug test me. I didn't go in for the test, instead, I just started working at yet another school district that did not drug test teachers. Now I'm getting ready to move districts yet again and doing a frantic search online to try to find some info about whether or not this new district drug tests teacher applicants or not. We will soon see... but I have refrained from smoking the past several weeks (except a little last night... which should be out of my system within a week... it just looked... so good) just in case.

I think teachers should smoke weed. I've taught while I've been smoking (I never teach while I'm actually high... but I'm talking about periods of time where I am smoking). Trust me, smoking when you come home from school helps you clear your mind and be creative with the lesson planning. I was able to much more creatively adapt my lessons to the students I would be teaching when I was a little high while I planned my lessons. I also felt a lot more relaxed and energetic the next day because it helped me get a good night's sleep. I think if everybody in the school system smoked a joint every night........ America would be a much better place and school's would be a lot better too. Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln... they smoked weed. And there's me, a teacher who smokes weed... when I can. It makes absolutely no sense that I could do a hardcore drug like crack and take a drug test in a week and pass... but if I smoke a joint a month ago, I wouldn't pass.
To all those who wish the government would change it's policy toward marijuana... I plan to move up in the school system until I become some kind of head hancho or something and do my part in the fight against drug testing of students and teachers for marijuana... (I firmly agree that under reasonable suspicion teachers and students should be tested for other hardcore drugs) and if I can join in, also in the fight for the legalization of marijuana.

Jerry said on 07/08/07 @ 03:11 PM:
I'm with the naysayers on this one. Drug testing should not be allowed, of students or of teachers, unless there is reason to believe that a teacher or person is intoxicated.

What about the "I don't want my kids taught by people who take drugs" people? OK, so find in your community a cadre of people who will not only pass drug tests, but also not drink, not break any traffic laws, and not eat unhealthily. After all, they are role models for the children, right? Why don't you stop voting to waste taxpayer money and be PARENTS, instead of morons with crappy kids.

And the "I don't have anything to hide" people? You are probably the same people who let cops search your car without probable cause, and/or advocate that others do so. Our forefathers are rolling in their graves every time you say that phrase. Learn how to be Americans, instead of Nazis.

Bob said on 09/12/07 @ 02:12 PM:
Jerry and teacher gal (read them until jocktard up there and skipped to the bottom) were the few I saw that made sense. Although I don't find drug testing to be a necessary tool for companies anyway, school testing is ignorant. They aren't doing drug tests on student athletes to see if they are using illegal chemicals that would enhance there performance but instead if they smoke a J after a win. I also think though that if students are going to have rights like that taken away just because of a little weed, then all teachers/administration should be held to it as well. Long story short, it's just weed, get the f--k over yourself.

Jeff said on 10/11/07 @ 06:57 PM:
My ex-girlfriend is a serious dope addict and she is a school teacher.

Adam said on 12/29/07 @ 11:08 PM:
I want to know why no one considers alcohol a drug? It is the most harmful drug used in our country (next to meth and heroin), and it is responsible for more deaths every year than every other drug combined!

So why should a teacher not be able to smoke a joint at home in the privacy of their own home? As long as they aren't smoking before or at school, and they are good teachers..... WHAT'S THE PROBLEM?

There's plenty of people who pass drug tests all day long and drink quite a bit. So why aren't they demonized? Why do we not speak of beer and liquor use in the same tone that we speak of [gasp] a responsible POT smoker? There's lots of them out there, and you probably know quite a few people you respect that do it privately.

Allyssa said on 01/08/08 @ 04:02 PM:
I believe that teachers and all the staff members(including custodiums) should be drug tested as often as the students. There are several rumors going around at my high school that there are teachers selling drugs to their students. It needs to be stopped they are supposed to be our role models, not our drug dealers.

Mike said on 01/13/08 @ 05:11 PM:
In an effort to provide a safe and positive environment for our children I think it is imperitive to establish an ongoing policy for drug testing. All school staff to include administrators in my eyes should be tested. In light of all the recent reports of teachers abusing drugs to include the distribution amongst the students is beyond words. It makes me rage with anger towards the lack of an already established policy. In reading some of the above comments, the damage is clear as to what a lack of such a policy can have. Minds young and manipulative are so easy to influence. Please know that the welfare and safety of our most precious resource (our youth) demands we act in providing them the sanctity they deserve in the classroom, even if this seems to impose on our rights to privacy and the pursuit of happiness. Come on america, wake up.

Flak Jacker said on 02/29/08 @ 04:47 PM:
Drug testing???? How about grammar and spelling tests before posting. Looks to me like people are already on something.

Nameless One said on 03/18/08 @ 07:53 AM:
yes teaachers should be tested for all we no they could be giving the kids the drugs!!

Mike said on 03/20/08 @ 12:06 AM:
in response to the comment by adam on 12/29/07. alcohol is a drug. the current testing does include an alcohol test which measures the residual alcohol possibly left in the system. cough syrup will register.

Aj said on 04/21/08 @ 07:38 PM:
"even if this seems to impose on our rights to privacy and the pursuit of happiness. Come on america, wake up."


That statement doesn't scare me whatsoever *rolls eyes*

Screw the forth amendment! If it has a chance at "saving" our children!

How about firing a teacher for how they act/teach, and NOT for what they put in their bodies?

Is it really that relavant what they put in their bodies.. as long as they teach good?

Teachers are some of the worse paying (after graduating college) jobs out there..

And you wan't to make their jobs that more miserable?

It seems to me, that in today's society, we would rather have a theive live next door to us, then a pot smoker. Sad sad day for the very idea of FREEDOM.

And can we say freedom is complete without the freedom to self destruct? I don't believe we can..

Mike said on 04/22/08 @ 12:24 AM:
AJ - seriously, the freedom to self-destruct? Life is precious, if there is any doubt to this statement just ask a terminally ill patient who holds a grandchild for the first and possible final time. On this note, our children as I have mentioned are our most valuable resource. Is it our legacy to pass on the right to bend the rules or break the law? This day more than ever it should be to do what is right, not only in the eyes of the law but also in the eyes of God. The temptations to do wrong prevail on every corner and yes, I agree that many parents do use drugs but this does not make it acceptable for teachers to do so. The role of the teacher is not only to teach but to ensure ideals are carried forth. We all tend to live in the frame of mind that it is all about this moment in time. What about tomorrow? My experience with children that have parents who use drugs and who themselves may even be pillars of society are still grateful when they have someone in their lives who does not. It gives them the chance to experience both sides of life and allows them to make a more sound 'freedom of choice' decision that we all should have and rightfully defend. As for teachers being underpaid, please people - most of the teachers I know have very good salaries and lead very good lives. The majority of this nation works for the minimum wage and they are still capable of providing, maybe not as well as in the past due to a failing economy but they do this all year round. Teachers work for the biggest part, ten months out of the year and in my opinion if they had learned to better budget themselves and not live beyond their means, they would continue to live better than the average in this crumbling nation.

Mike said on 04/22/08 @ 12:34 AM:
You know, it makes me feel good when I look back over some of the above comments and posts. You can really differentiate who has written them. You can see that some are teachers wishing to use this medium as a sounding board for more pay, you can see that some are just making statements to be a part of life, you can see some are concerned parents but for the most part I see a lot of young minds and they are consistent with their concern for a cleaner drug free america. God bless you one and all, for in your posts you not only show the need for this Bill to pass but also the desire for it to pass.

Aj said on 04/22/08 @ 04:38 AM:
"seriously, the freedom to self-destruct? Life is precious"

So let's control others lives because life is precious? I agree life is precious, therefore I should run it the way I see fit.

Freedom demands the RIGHT to self destruct, otherwise we are on the road to totalarianism. Tell me ONE substances that was illegal when the founders walked this country? UHHH NON..

Now more and more substances, some states talked about making restaurant owners refuse business from fat people! This drug war started a slippery slope (YA CONSERVATIVES I CAN USE THAT PHRASE TOO!)

"teachers are rolemodels"

Under the current system- A teacher decides to have a joint after class, the class is unaware.

Under the proposed system- a teacher decides to have a joint, gets tested. It gets blown out of proportion and the whole student body knows about it!

"they should practice what they preach"

Sorry most teachers I had did not "preach" that drugs were bad. Do you know why? IT WAS NOT THEIR JOB..

Their job was to teach me math, social studies, reading, writing, etc etc..

Also.. even if they were a HEALTH teacher, i still believe it would not be hypocrytical... as long as they don't say drug users are scum of the earth.

yeti said on 04/22/08 @ 02:07 PM:
The thought that stoners can actually succeed in life worries some people.. So they have to create road blocks, the drug is not bad enough by itself to make the person fail in life, so they have to pass legislation, to get the job done for them.

Take away their financial aid! Take away their license in x proffesion, if they fail a drug test.

What makes stoners losers, most of the time is the LAW, not the SUBSTANCE.

All so you can look your sweet darlin in the eyes and say "See what marijuana does to your life? It makes you into a jobless, homeless loser!"

If your nerdy science teacher smoked marijuana, do you honestly believe that would glamourize marijuana, or deglamourize it?

"Only people who are against this have something to hide"

I slightly agree with this statement.. HOWEVER.. perhaps that is who the constitution/4 amendment is meant to protect?

People who wan't to hide something from their government.

Are you willing to say government is always right? And they should know EVERYTHING about us?

Oracle B said on 07/20/08 @ 03:18 PM:
If teaching effectiveness is the best judge of a good teacher, drug tests could compromise the quality of our school system.
If a teacher is blatantly setting a bad example or their teaching effectiveness is low from suspected drug use then a drug test would be useful. But what about the many teachers who use prescription drugs legally, does this not lower teaching quality and potentially set a bad example as well?

dolly said on 09/17/08 @ 01:47 PM:
Name one adverse effect that marijuana has had on someone that wasn't using it.

waffle-iron said on 01/01/09 @ 06:37 PM:
I smoke everyday, or MULTIPLE times a day at university and do not see any adverse effects. In face my GPA is over 3.5 at the moment which is well above average. I do a lot of my assingments while high. I would not, however, actually TEACH while high, that's just stupid. My personal life and professional life should be apart in my opinion, unless there is good reason.

krista said on 01/05/09 @ 08:47 AM:
Remember, random drug tests do not typically detect the most detrimental of substances. The average adult is more likely to have an issue with alcohol, which the test is not designed for. Alcohol is an incredibly dangerous addiction for all involved. Cocain and heroin are also often undetected because they leave the human body in about 48 hours. I don't feel random drug testing in any career is appropriate or for students. It should be the parents job to determine what their children are doing. If drug use is so harmful for a work or school environment that should be evident and would not require peeing in a cup. Drug tests specifically target marijuana users, a non addictive substance and the least of concerns as far as recreational activities. Legislation also continues to change in regards to marijuana, indicating that the legality of its use is not likely to be an issue of health or safety.

Fred said on 01/25/09 @ 02:22 PM:
Test teachers for students safety??? Lets test the students for the teachers safety. For that argument let me submit another. I have to take a drug test for my job, so I can earn a paycheck, so I can pay into the govt system so someone else can draw welfare from it. Lets do this, before you pick up your govt check, take a drug test!! No pass no check, sounds like a great idea to me. Fair is fair right?

THIZZLE said on 03/01/09 @ 10:10 PM:
Whoever the fuck is saying that drug tests are needed for teachers are retarded. Lets just give another reason to reduce the shortage of teachers. Who would you rather have as a teacher? One that is a drug user that doesn't have it interfere with their work and is a great teacher, or one that doesn't use drugs and just plain blows.

laance said on 08/12/09 @ 03:17 PM:
alright really? The best teacher i had in high school who taught me the most about life, and english was a guy who in his free time smoked pot quite religiously, I only found out because i still talk to him 3 years out of high school. He is one of the smartest people i have ever met and taught me far more than any other teacher had, he never came to class stoned or smoked before school, but you're telling me that we should get rid of some of our best teachers because they want to relieve their stress and relax, and to all of you that are parents, fuck your argument with the 4th amendment we were given these rights because they protect our privacy. You can sit sipping your scotch, and downing your vodka convincing yourself that all teachers that use pot are bad while destroying your liver and frying your brain while the rest of us have an educated discussion on the real reason you want drug testing. YOU CAN'T RAISE YOUR OWN GODDAMN CHILD. Maybe you should keep your kids from watching Michael Phelps now, and try to enact a drug test for every single athlete, broadcaster, teacher, or hell anyone else your precious little kid might see and look up to. Protect our rights, don't get rid of them. Assholes.

Root said on 10/23/09 @ 04:36 PM:
Wow, some of you guys need to go back to school and learn how to write. Your English teachers where on something.

As for drug testing teachers, most of you don't realize that it cost a lot of state money to test somebody. Also, most teachers don't do drugs. (Middle Aged White People that teach???)
Thats been tested. Its an expensive solution for a non-problem.

Jason P. Callahan said on 11/22/09 @ 01:33 PM:
Thanks for the link Bacon! The information was very elucidating. Also, thanks teacher Gal and Jerry. Also thanks to anyone else whom stated that alcohol is a horrible drug! Alcohol does not promote empathy or creativity but is widely used. Anybody see correlations to these effects?

Vlad Barannikov said on 01/06/10 @ 08:22 AM:
No. Teachers should NOT be drug tested. Just beacause they are around kids doesn't mean anything. Why not drug test parents then? And if they fail they lose their parental rights. I think that way it would be fair.

Vlad Barannikov said on 01/11/10 @ 08:50 AM:
I don't think we should drug test teachers. They are not paid to be the ''second parent'' teachers have their own kids and personal lives. There is no reason as to why we should randomly drug test teachers. Yes they work for the government and so what? Cops get drug tested and I am glad they do because they carrry WEAPONS I wouldn't want a high cop guard my neighborhood or whatnot. Teachers don't get paid as much as they should be paid anyway. If so many parents are for drug testing teachers, Let's send cops to randomly drug test parents and if they fail they lose their parental right I think that would be fair enough. So... NO teachers should NOT be drug tested.

Sam said on 02/23/10 @ 10:06 AM:
I keep reading comments on this page about teachers who take drugs in school hours. Someone above quoted 2 teachers who were "pot heads" and "coke heads" and then said they were constantly wiping their noses - well that clearly is referring to those who take coke, not pot and it really isn't wise to catergorise them together and they're completely different.

As well as this, let's take a scenario:

a teacher goes to a mate's house on a friday/saturday night and gets blazed, does whatever work is needed on the sunday without having a joint or anything and he's up bright and early Monday morning and ready to teach again.

- Personally I see no problem with this. It's the teacher's own personal life when he isn't teaching kids for 3 days and provided that they are in the driving seat, all is well.

Now, let's take the same scenario but with booze instead of pot. What then? that wouldn't be detected, and yet I'd say they may even still feel the effects of the booze a little on that Monday morning.

I'm in my training at the moment and I like a smoke at weekends and if i've had a really shit day, sometimes in the evening on a week night. I aint daft enough to have it in the school or anywhere near the school.

And I do agree with a few of you too! If parents are the ones insistent that we get tested then so should they! We'll probably spend around 3-4 hours per week interacting and working with kids, how long do the parents spend?? I think I'd know which would have more of an effect on the kid.

Esmy said on 04/13/10 @ 08:03 PM:
We need to drug test teachers that is a for sure yes! We should have people who are doing the right thing for our community.

Vanessa said on 02/02/11 @ 09:57 PM:
If we want to waste money on drug testing then go ahead, suck the system dry until there's no penny left to drug test every school teacher, coll. professor, and anyone involved in academics. It'll be a good idea to include body fat measurement also to determine your junk food and sugar consumption. If you are fat then you must be fired too for being addicted to eating unhealthy food. Stop the idiocy and let's focus on better issues.

Dan said on 08/21/12 @ 05:44 PM:
It's funny how most of the people who posted about drug testing couldn't spell or write a grammatically correct sentence. It really goes to show that those who are such proponents of teacher drug testing are very, very, uneducated. Leave us EDUCATED grass smokers alone.

I also find it funny how people say how "important" teachers are when it comes to drug testing. But when it comes to getting paid an actual salary, the attitude is more or less, "fuck 'em, they are just teachers".

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