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Computers hate me today

Oh man what a day. First, I bought a used D-Link PCMCIA wireless card. Worked fine, but then I tried to check the version of the firmware using the tool provided by the company, something went wrong and it decided to attempt to flash the firmware instead. It went bonkers, and gave me the option to cancel, but it was too late -- parts of the card had already been overwritten. So after waiting on hold for about 30 minutes with D-Link, I finally got through, only to be told that my card was FUBAR. Lovely... I just e-mailed the guy that sold it to me see if he has the original receipt so I can RMA it, but I'm not holding my breath.

And it gets even better. My left "alt" key on my keyboard has been cracked for about a week. Well, today it broke clean off, and so there was just the little nub left (it's a laptop). I never realized how much I used that key until I need it back (our reservation system here at work, for example, uses it as a navigation aide). Regardless, the laptop's getting repaired next week.

Anybody have wireless card they want to get rid of? I've got two wired PCMCIA network cards that work great that I need to get rid off, too.

Posted by Jake on 04/11/03 @ 05:41 PM
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