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"please reply to this urgant message"

This has happened to me before, and anybody with a dash/hyphen in their Yahoo! usernames probably has, too. Usernames with hyphens in them are not allowed anymore on Yahoo!, but folks who had them from before can still have them (technically, I have one with a hyphen and a space, probably compounding the problem even more). Regardless, you'll often get these lunatics who will try to coerce you into giving them your password....like this IM conversation I just had with a "Yahoo Games Admin" (yeah, right buddy).

llllliiiiillllliiiiilllllliiiiii: hello jake sorry to bother u are u online right now if u are please reply to this urgant message
llllliiiiillllliiiiilllllliiiiii: are u thier sir?
llllliiiiillllliiiiilllllliiiiii: jake please reply sir this is a yahoo games admin and i need to talk to u
llllliiiiillllliiiiilllllliiiiii: well when and if u can just reply with us back so we can speak with u one on one and not through email ty
jake-ortman: who are you and what can I do for you
jake-ortman: I'm very rarely on Yahoo! games any more, and an admin would never chat via IM, but I'll hear ya out.
llllliiiiillllliiiiilllllliiiiii: sir, this is not about yahoo games
llllliiiiillllliiiiilllllliiiiii: and yes i am to an admin
llllliiiiillllliiiiilllllliiiiii: we are having kids crack yahoo ids, they are looking for ids that we do not allow anymore, i am just telling u, like u know your id has a - in it and we do not allow ids with the - in them anymore
jake-ortman: yes, I know that, and I've been approached from wackos trying to get it from me.
jake-ortman: but don't worry, I'm no dumby :)
llllliiiiillllliiiiilllllliiiiii: lol
llllliiiiillllliiiiilllllliiiiii: good
llllliiiiillllliiiiilllllliiiiii: ty for your time sir
jake-ortman: np
llllliiiiillllliiiiilllllliiiiii: we have put ids on our program so they do not get cracked into
llllliiiiillllliiiiilllllliiiiii: and so that we do not delete them
llllliiiiillllliiiiilllllliiiiii: and your password does not fit with our updated infomation
llllliiiiillllliiiiilllllliiiiii: so if u would like we can put your yahoo account in out program
llllliiiiillllliiiiilllllliiiiii: for safe assurance
llllliiiiillllliiiiilllllliiiiii: we dont have to, it is just another way for us to help out our yahoo users
jake-ortman: And I'm sure to do that, I'll have to give you my password, right?
llllliiiiillllliiiiilllllliiiiii: well, yes but this is up to you
llllliiiiillllliiiiilllllliiiiii: i understand with the other poeple you have run accross that u do not feel like this is legit
jake-ortman: this isn't legit...a Yahoo! rep would NEVER ask for my password via IM.
llllliiiiillllliiiiilllllliiiiii: well sir this is a new safe way to retrieve your password in case something happens
llllliiiiillllliiiiilllllliiiiii: i was not trying to get your password i was just informing you about our new program and we have put your name in our database
jake-ortman: you said "so if u would like we can put your yahoo account in out program"....so you've already put it there? I didn't say you could.
llllliiiiillllliiiiilllllliiiiii: ok sir
llllliiiiillllliiiiilllllliiiiii: i have tried to be polite to you
llllliiiiillllliiiiilllllliiiiii: i am sorry about whatever comsuptions you have about not believing i am an admin
llllliiiiillllliiiiilllllliiiiii: ty for your time we will not be using your name and i can take it out
llllliiiiillllliiiiilllllliiiiii: ty for your time
jake-ortman: e-mail me from a yahoo corporate e-mail account, and then I'll believe you.
llllliiiiillllliiiiilllllliiiiii: ok sir
llllliiiiillllliiiiilllllliiiiii: you will have an email in your account with-in the next 24 hours
llllliiiiillllliiiiilllllliiiiii: ty for your time
jake-ortman: BTW: What's your Yahoo games username/profile?. I have a buddy who's a Yahoo games admin, and can't find your lllliiiilllliiiilllliiii username/profile in there. Besides that, according to http://profiles.yahoo.com/llllliiiiillllliiiiilllllliiiiii ... you've been a member for a whole two months. You're not going to become a Yahoo! games admin in that amount of time.
llllliiiiillllliiiiilllllliiiiii: for a whole two months what
llllliiiiillllliiiiilllllliiiiii: sir i am kind of busy
jake-ortman: What is your profile on Yahoo? It's obviously not the one you're IMing me from, because if that were the case, you're lying to me.

Still waiting for a reply on that one (not holding my breath).

Regardless, he's been reported to Yahoo.

Posted by Jake on 04/03/03 @ 05:41 PM
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