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Screw employee of the year, this guy's employee of the millennium

OK, Jose Racasa is a stud. He was recently named employee of the year of the hotel he works at (scroll down the page), but this guy deserves way more. Read on...

Jose is a twenty-two year employee with the hotel. He possesses a near perfect attendance record for his years of service. One example of Jose's service involves a customer at Trellisses Restaurant. In February 2002, the ailing gentleman told Jose about his medical problem. Jose, who was so moved by the customer's plight, he immediately offered to help. But this was no ordinary offer of help. It was an act of caring and generosity that exemplifies the kind of individual Jose is. The gentleman was in need of a kidney transplant. He had told Jose that he had a rare blood type and this made it highly unlikely that a matching donor would be found in time.

Amazingly, Jose was a match. Despite the health risks to himself, and the extensive physical and psychological testing he was required to undergo, Jose held firm to his commitment and never wavered in his decision to help his long time customer. Jose is truly a server that became a savior.

Link via Dave Barry.

Posted by Jake on 03/29/03 @ 09:39 AM
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