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Two systems in one box...who cares?

As featured on the SlashDot front page, ExtremeMHZ has crammed an AMD and a P4 system into the same case.

Whoopty frickin' do.

So now ExtremeMHZ gets a bunch of traffic for something that really isn't all that spectacular. Yes, it's cool, and probably hard to do, but what practical purpose does it server to have a PC and another PC in the same box? I just loved this exchange of comments:

Captain Galactic: I always dreamed of this...Play a game on one system, when boss/parent/spouse walks in,push a button & pretend you are working...

Anonymous Coward: Yeah, like some sort of... Windowing... system... Using "windows", we could quickly and easily switch between two (OR MORE??) different programs all together! Maybe by pressing special key combonations, too! (That way we wouldn't have to modify our keyboards, too.) Like, ALT-TAB on Windows... maybe COMMAND-TAB on Mac. That sure would fool them! Now if only we could get some techy-type person to make and mass market this! (Or are we just dreaming here??)

Put a Mac and PC in the same box or Sparc/Solaris and a PC, then I'll be interested, but having two PCs in one box -- unless they have a unified disk subsystems and can share more than just the cooling, display, keyboard and mouse, or they can cram it in a small, rack-mountable case -- is just over kill. I mean, the case they have it in is huge, and you can get some pretty powerful PCs in pretty small cases.

I really need to find a way to get linked on SlashDot. I think if I (convincingly) setup a site that showed me putting a Mac inside a PC, then I'd get some traffic. Anybody want to help ;-)?

Posted by Jake on 02/23/03 @ 10:14 AM
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