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If you were offline for 8 years, what would you do when you got back on?

Kevin Mitnick was arrested 8 years ago, and that was the last time he was on the Web. The notorious hacker spent five years in federal prison for various crimes. Upon gaining his freedom in January of 2000, Mitnick's probation forbade him from connecting to the Internet or sending e-mail, although he was allowed to use unconnected computers, cell phones and his ham radio under the strict supervision of his parole officer. Travel and employment were also scrutinized.

Mitnick's parole expired at midnight, Jan. 20. He partied, and then the next day joined the crew on the TechTV show Screen Savers with a live Web and TV audience watching to see where he went first once he got on the Web. So where does he go on this momentous occasion? Apparently the first place he went was his girlfriend's blog so he could see what she was saying about him. Go figure. Full story on Wired.

A picture of the occasion was posted on Wired's site as well. Well, the Farkers got ahold of the picture, and Photoshopped the living heck out of it. Hilarity ensued.

Posted by Jake on 01/25/03 @ 10:44 AM
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