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Humor has Returned to Southwest Airlines

I've personally never flown Southwest (that I can remember), so I've never experienced this, but rumor has it they've got some pretty funny flight attendants. After Sept. 11, they stopped being funny for a bit, but the humor has returned. From this Wall Street Journal article, some quotes:

  • "OK, people, it's open seating, just like at church -- saints up front, sinners in back,"
  • "Remember, this isn't a furniture store. You're only renting this seat for an hour"
  • "Please place your seatback, tray table and intern in the full upright and locked position."
  • In the unlikely event of a cabin depressurization, "please secure your mask and then decide which child you like better."
  • "If you smoke in this airplane, the FAA will fine you $2,000 [pause] and at those prices, you might as well fly Delta!"
  • "Everyone on the plane's left side, toward the terminal, put your faces in the window and smile so our competitors can see what a full flight looks like."

    I think I need to start flying that airline.

    Posted by Jake on 01/13/03 @ 01:35 PM
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