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Why do people feel the need to bash and/or shoot at car windows?

People like this are Absolute Morons™. Why did I link to this story? It reminded me of a story of my high school days. Actually, it was the year after I graduated when this happened, but it affected my brother, so that's why I remember. Click on "More" to read on.

The year after the Mountain View High School boys country team won the state meet (and the girls team came in fourth), the team was away for an overnight meet at the Sunfair Invitational in Yakima, Washington. They left on Friday, and were to come back late on Saturday night. Meanwhile, thier automobiles are parked, unattended but in lit areas, at the MVHS parking lot.

Saturday night, while the teams are coming home from Yakima, celebrating their races and scores, two vandals decided to take some sledge hammers and baseball bats to several of the cars there. They were doing it early in the evening, long before the team is scheduled to be back. They're bashing up cars left and right, and decide to go home to get some more stuff to bash the cars up with. They come back, and are just about to bash some more (realize they've already completely totaled a few cars, including my brother's, as well as taken out the windows in several others), the bus arrives from Yakima. The athletes on the bus, while tired, realize fairly quickly what's going on. The vandals also realize really quickly that they'd better get out of there.

So what do they do?

They run.

Now remember, this is the defending state championship cross country team that's coached by a world-class marathoner and has a future All-American steeplechase runner on the team. These are the last guys you should try to out run.

The coach and team stepped off the bus and immediately gave chase, and caught them fairly quickly, smacked them around a bit until they got on the ground and the (much bigger) ex-football coach came over to hold them down. The police were called; they were caught, prosecuted, and made examples of.

Moral of the story: If you're going to try to out run somebody, don't try to out run folks who spend several hours a day training to out run people.

Posted by Jake on 01/11/03 @ 12:13 PM
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