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Help pay for a girl's boob job

Michel has a small chest. Michel wants a larger chest. Michel can not afford the surgery. Michel is now asking for help. Weird. The site is safe for work, so don't worry folks.

Posted by Jake on 01/09/03 @ 04:34 PM
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Michelle said on 07/20/03 @ 01:37 PM:
Michel got a larger chest from wonderful people donating to her boob fund.
Help this next lovely lady get a boob job too!

Michelle said on 07/20/03 @ 01:37 PM:
Michel got a larger chest from wonderful people donating to her boob fund.
Help this next lovely lady get a boob job too!

G.venkatesh said on 08/24/03 @ 04:08 AM:
respected sir,

as i'm finished my B.sc computer science and i have two years exeperience in web programming i'm seeing a job as web designer

marie said on 11/07/03 @ 05:16 PM:
I am a single mother of 2 and I am very small chested I been trying to save up for the $$$ but cant seem to get enough raised quick enough...I dont feel right with out breasts I did not even get bigger when I was pregnant..I hate to be naked cause I feel like Im a woman trapped in a little gurls body I mean I have nice hips and thighs and all but id like to have the breasts to go with it..so I can feel better about myself and stop tearing up everytime I look in the mirror....sorry I dont have any pictures to show you of te b4 to after but I can email you what it would look like if I went from what I am now which is smaller than an A cup to a C cup thanks a lot for reading and be blessed!

adora said on 01/29/04 @ 10:18 PM:
heres a helpful boob link everyone http://www.investinmybreast.com/

ashlee said on 04/25/04 @ 07:16 AM:
I'm in the same boat as Michele.I'm young, need boobs.I'm also trying to get donation for the same cause. Good for her!!At this point I'll do almost anything for implants!!

Melissa said on 06/16/04 @ 05:51 AM:
I'm doing kinda the same thing Michel did. I hope I have as good of luck as Michel did. By the way, her surgery turned out great!!!

KIM said on 06/17/04 @ 09:47 PM:
You have got to be kidding
I cant beleive so many would donate to see someone get big boobs when there are sites out there like: www.geocities.com/poetrysme
this site is trying to raise money for children and they cant get any responses.
What gives? what should the do? You get people to donate for boobs, how about donate for little girls some new clothes and to have a bedroom built?
Humanity, caring, where is it?

Jessica said on 07/10/04 @ 03:10 PM:
Are there seriously people who will donate money to allow people to get their boobs done? I have been saving forever but still have a long way to go and I'm afraid I'll never have enough money to get the boobs I want. How can I get in touch with someone who will help me get the money for new boobs?

Shellann said on 07/12/04 @ 11:04 PM:
I am a 36 C, so I decent sized breast, but they have become very droopy and saggy. But I'm only 21! I want to get a lift or something, I need this! But I dont have very much money. Could someone help me?

AJ said on 07/20/04 @ 01:30 AM:
this is why an AIDS cure may not "exist". everybody throws their confidence into it and depends upon it to save lives. the only difference is that an AIDS cure would really save lives, but a boob job will only save egos. the similarity; both are wreckless. rampant sexual behavior on one side, internet whoring for money for a boob job on another. such a sad condition women are living in.

Fabio said on 08/13/04 @ 04:03 PM:
wow- that bia from www.GiveBoobs.com actually got them done. wasn't a scam afterall.

where can I sign up my girl for a free boob job too?

Aaron said on 08/29/04 @ 12:01 PM:
I checked out Melissa's site. This girl is workin hard for her money. LOL. She is asking for donations too. Lets help her out. http://melissabafund.bravehost.com
I like reading her journal. I emailed her a couple times and she seems nice. She wrote back and everything.

Lauren said on 08/30/04 @ 02:08 PM:
I am looking for help to get a boob job...anyone want to help?.... anyone need help?

tiffany said on 09/21/04 @ 04:11 PM:
ok i want a boob job too i have to kids and they took my little perky ones but they were worth it now i have two really unperky almost not there i had finally saved enough last jan but i gave my kids the vacation of a life time for 7 days in disney that was also worth it but please email me if you can help

jessica said on 09/26/04 @ 11:00 PM:
i am a mother of 2 i have fairly good boobs but one small thing on is slightly bigger than the other and it is somthing i have lived with for years .i cant stand to look at my boobs they are also sagging i feel like an older lady why cant i get my dream of having other men look at me again.

meeeeeee said on 10/06/04 @ 04:04 PM:
lol dnt spose anyone wants to help lil old me get sum new boobydoos? wud b obliged tho doubtful mail me xxx

Michelle said on 11/03/04 @ 07:33 PM:
I am 26 and in need of a boob job. At 23 I was a professional dancer and got in a car accident that I died in and came back. I broke ribs in my chest and my boobs look very uneven. Please help!!!

Jenna said on 11/11/04 @ 04:41 PM:
Help me keep my job as an exotic dancer to keep supporting my 4 children. I am trying to stay off welfare and foodstamps. Please read my story before judging. xoxo Jenna

misty said on 12/05/04 @ 07:09 PM:
Ok girls , I really really want breast implants and I dont really need to explain why..im sure we all have our own reasons and issues with our boobies.Im thinking we should all go together on a site, I can host it because I currently own a site...is anyone else willing to go on the site with me and promote it to the best of our ability ? If so email me at mistylovexoxo@aol.com !

angie said on 12/16/04 @ 02:12 PM:
i want some boobs too :-(

cali said on 01/10/05 @ 06:33 PM:
well i can say im in the small boob area to much and not sure i need a complete boob job ...im 35 years old..and a 4 year cancer survivor...(bone cancer) my boobs are a c cup but due to all the treatments and the weight on and off my full boobs have formed a flat somewhere along the line..lol so i like to just get back what i have lost...i wish boob jobs are not as costly as they are..so every women can feel pretty and sexy..so yeah i like some help but then again lt do its just up to you

dlee said on 02/02/05 @ 02:02 PM:
I've always wanted a bobb job too, i'd like to become a swimsuit model and would feel a lot more confidence with a larger breast size. I'm a single girl with no family and no help, i support myself which is hard to come up with extra money. If anybody would like to donate please email me!

Tammy said on 02/06/05 @ 06:17 PM:
I wated a nice rack since i can remember, i think now is the time to do it. I have gotten my nipples pierced now i just need tohe boobs to show them off with.

amanda said on 02/06/05 @ 09:54 PM:
some one help me get boobies!

liana said on 02/10/05 @ 09:28 PM:
Have breast implants 700cc's to be exact and they are starting to sag..I desperately need them redone..I support my kids alone, any help would be greatly appreicated..and anyone who helps will get to see them when they are done..thank you

ursella andress said on 02/10/05 @ 09:35 PM:
Hi, told I look like Ursalla Andress did and Raqueal Welsh...just in need of the breasts to go with it..I will do volunteer work, help at food shelters, anything i can do that is decent to show my appreciaton to anyone that is kind enough to help my cause, thank you for reading.

Boobs said on 02/17/05 @ 12:45 AM:

whatever happened to the boobs?

where did the boobs go??

lisa said on 02/17/05 @ 09:04 AM:
Please help me,

Melissa said on 02/25/05 @ 03:29 PM:
I would love to have breast implants my self, and thats why I started my OWN website to maybe get donations, take a look and give me some feeback http://www.investnmybreasts.com

Melissa said on 02/25/05 @ 03:35 PM:
note: this is MY site...and in no way connected to the other site of the sorta same name.

angela said on 03/18/05 @ 12:36 PM:
you guys are very sad individuals! first of all if you cant afford the surgery than maybe that is telling you not to get it done because apparently you cant even afford to take the couple of days off after the surgery! Grow up! get a real job! than get it done

Rebeeca said on 04/07/05 @ 07:50 AM:
Hi, my name is Becky. I am only 18 years old and alrady hate the way I look. It may sound pathetic but not having breasts makes me feel very depressed. I am currently trainging to become a hairdresser. All the other stylists in the salon I work in make fun, they don't understand what damage it does when they say cruel things like that. I am still a virgin, don't get me wrong, I want to have sex, but when it comes down to it, I chicken out, I can't bare to get undressed and be naked around a guy. I have short legs and quite a fat ass!!! But for some reason I feel like as long as i have nice decent, normal breasts I will be gorgeous and desirable. Please help me find the money, God knows I wont ever be able to afford it doing hairdressing!!!! : )

Ryleigh said on 04/24/05 @ 02:29 PM:
Hey everyone :) I'm 24 and have 2 kids and a mortgage so my boob job is out of the question - but hey :) it really did work for some people to ask for donations and so I've gone and made a webpage too :) check it out!
check it out :) Good luck to all you beauties out there looking to get your boobs done too - remember - getting boobs will never make you more beautiful - you are beautiful right now - but it will help you to FEEL more beautiful which is how every gal in this whole wide world should feel :)

Nina said on 05/05/05 @ 08:49 PM:
I've also decided to put a website together to help raise money for my breast enlargement too! Take a look at www.iwbb.net for my story!

Fiona said on 07/02/05 @ 03:31 AM:
Hey my name is fiona im 18, im a mother of one. i dont feel like me anymore cause of having a baby my boobs was big but now they just to small now. my boyfriend been with loads of girl behide my back and that doesnt help how i feel.

RyGuy said on 07/17/05 @ 11:13 PM:
You can start all the sites you want, but very rarely do you gain enough capital for the surgery. Check this site out that gives one boob job a day 365 days a year. They also support breast cancer research heavily!


sylv said on 07/18/05 @ 11:28 AM:
Hi. what a great idea. I am 21, single mother of 2 and desperate for some boobs. I have been to the clinic they said it would be 4100. Where am i supposed to get this money from! What i would like is to have a site like this for me but im not sure how to go about it. Any ideas.

Ryan said on 08/03/05 @ 04:17 PM:

I am interested in paying for up to 3 surgeries -- via certified funds (certified check) or cash. In exchange for that, I would like to make a private video with you. I am from a high-profile family and my name cannot be disclosed, therefore, I will have a non-disclosure agreement drafted that will prevent ANY disclosure of the videotape, under any circumstances. Furthermore, I will pay for you to find an attorney to review the agreement and will amend it to your attorney's and your suggestions.

I will pay for full inpatient expenses associated with the surgery, first-class airfare, and necessary hotel and living expenses required for travel to any location of your desire, for the surgery. The total amount that I am willing to pay is $17,500.00 -- including a salary for you whilst recovering from surgery.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience if this is of interest to you.

Best Wishes

featherduster331 said on 08/09/05 @ 01:19 PM:
Hey where is the guy who wants 2 pay for boob job. Can we incluse a tummy tuck too for that price. I have my own atty. Always wanted to be in video, lol.
Hit me up

feather said on 08/09/05 @ 01:27 PM:
I am newly single...because my husband claims that although I have killer super model looks, (not fat, my shape is FAB) my body changed so much after having kids, that he doesn't think I am sexy anymore. Well, f**k him. Any body wanna help me get my revenge, I wanna restore my pre baby body, and he can't touch. Willing to make new friends. Post a comment for me...yaya.

Azaria said on 08/10/05 @ 09:29 AM:
I am all over it...wheres the guy who wants to make the video? I agree...and I am hott....I just need more breast....

Jason said on 08/13/05 @ 06:33 PM:
RyGuy, I checked out operation boobs site. It's kind of lame at this point to be honest. Not open till 2006? Remind me next year to check it out.

Jason said on 08/13/05 @ 06:47 PM:
As a follow-up to my last comment... in my quest for breasts lol, I did happen to find a web site that is up and running and giving free breast implants to girls and is setup to collect donations on behalf of the girls. I just gave a chick $10 and she sent me some custom photos!

AndieLynne said on 08/17/05 @ 09:21 AM:
I have been saving and working two jobs as well as going to college. I still do not have the money (not even close) to get the implant surgury. Can someone please help me?

sim said on 08/22/05 @ 03:47 PM:
i really need a boob job, i feel so crap and boyish. if anyone can help me just a little bit it would be so much help. all i need is a few small donations to help me on my way. my paypal email is sxylilminx@msn.com i will send pics, if u want photos b4 donating please email me on my other address which is pinksim69@hotmail.co.uk please help if u can x x x

adrain said on 08/25/05 @ 08:15 AM:
i hav slight sag to my boobs and am only 18, never been pregnant!my boob are 34d! but still it makes me feel unconfortable,i wish i was flat!

angie said on 10/05/05 @ 12:30 PM:
i am a single parent off 3 and this has ruined my boobs,i have dreamt off breast surgery for so long but cant afford it, i would love to know where i can get help like some of the girls who hav.

Diane said on 10/25/05 @ 11:25 AM:
I ahve 2 children and have always dreamed of getting a boob job, but cant afford it, im wondering is there away of spreading the cost? With little or no interest, please help.

angie said on 10/26/05 @ 03:12 PM:
im a single mum looking for help with breast enlargement,this has been a dream of myne for 12 yrs now but hey im not giving up lol,you girls should check out myfreeimplants its well worth a luck,if anyone out there feels they can help me u can check out my profile n pics at myfreeimplants,or get intouch ! good luck to all the women out there i know how much it means to you's

HeatherRose said on 11/19/05 @ 10:02 AM:
I am responding to a comment posted by Ryan on 8/03 about paying for 3 boob jobs. I don't know if the offer still stands, but I am definitely interested in it! Please don't waste my time with jokes. I am seriously interested in this proposition and will anxiously await a response.

ang said on 11/20/05 @ 11:03 AM:
hi im replying to a comment by ryan 08/03 hi ryan i know i probs dont need to ask this but by private video u mean what ?

HeatherRose said on 11/22/05 @ 07:38 AM:
what is the status of your offer? There are a lot of us who are interested! Myself being one of them! Email me at heatherbear4747@aol.com

Chantelle said on 11/23/05 @ 09:29 AM:
Hi, I am 34 years old and have 5 children. I have alway's had small breasts and am looking for donations for breast augmentation surgery. I have been wanting to do this for a number of years now. If you can help please email me at: chantelle369@sympatico.ca Thanx. Chantelle:)

mel said on 11/28/05 @ 03:52 PM:
I recenty got my boobs done.but they did them way too big.There a size E.I wanted a size small C.I know have problems playing with my new baby and have bad back pain.They want $3,500 to fix what they messed up on.I dont that kind of money..Please help.I am only 25 yrs old.i just want to look the way i did before my baby.

Tammy said on 11/30/05 @ 07:36 AM:
Ryan - If you are still interested in paying surgeries, (if you haven't already paid for all three), please contact me...I would be interested in talking over the details with you. Tammy - needsomeboobs@yahoo.com

angie said on 12/01/05 @ 01:46 PM:
feel free to check out my website at surgeryhelpplease.bravehost.com

Autumn said on 12/16/05 @ 07:46 AM:
How do I contact the Ryan guy who wants to pay for surgery? Has anyone been able to get in contact with him? Email me @ livenandlaughin@yahoo.com

mickey said on 12/23/05 @ 04:10 AM:

mickey said on 12/23/05 @ 04:11 AM:

Amaryllis said on 12/31/05 @ 09:07 PM:
I'm 22, recently had a baby & my boobs not only didn't grow while I was pregnant but they actually got smaller once I stopped trying to breastfeed. And note I said *trying * because they'd be leaking & still not produce enough to feed my baby. Tehy're worthless. My husband has cheated on me for someone who actually has breasts, I hate the way I look because they're mis proportioned to my body (I have wide hips, a nice ass & a little broader shoulders than most girls) & I'd like to feel like a woman for once. I'd like help paying for implants & will be more than happy to show before (or just after) pics if you'd like to see them!!!

Amaryllis said on 12/31/05 @ 09:13 PM:
Ryan.... I'm interested in being in the video. I'm a hot redhead who just needs larger breasts & would be more than happy to show them off in a video & do whatever else you want. I'll even be with the other two women (assuming they agree) in thevideo if you'd like. Please email me at silver_angels_2001@yahoo.com Looking forward to a little fun & some bigger breasts!

Eva said on 01/02/06 @ 06:42 PM:
I love the femine shape I love how beautiful it is! I want to have the shape of a woman but instead I've the chest of a 12 year old. I know how important feeling good about your self is and how it can turn peoples lives around and if having a good size or at least decent size bust is what it will take than these people are helping women and their common body issues! I'd do just about anything to have someone donate money so that I could have a more womanly figure! I love modeling but my bust size doesn't allow me to get into swimware and lingerie. I am 20 and completing a traineeship there is no way I could make the money to aquire brest implants....... Can only wish

Lynnette said on 01/03/06 @ 03:54 PM:
Please visit my website and enjoy the pics
I want Beautiful Large Breasts! :o)

Lynnette said on 01/03/06 @ 06:54 PM:
Hey everyone!! Visit my site and mayb I will get my boobs and I will have the after pics!!
your welcome to leave comments , sign my guestbook and view my pics :o) Hope to hear from ya and hope you enjoy the site.

Summer said on 01/17/06 @ 05:31 PM:
OOH OOH OOH! Me ME MEEEE!! I've got 3 kids that have successfully deflated me to NOTHING!! Pretty pretty please! I don't need big, just NORMAL!


naughtylaura said on 02/16/06 @ 05:35 PM:
hey. i really want a boob job! i am begging anyone who could help me! I'm 21 and a model and really want some new boobs. Anyone who helps. even by donating a $1, will receive before and after pics and I will promise to send you weekly pictures of my boobs when they're done! if you can help email naughtylau@hotmail.co.uk
thank you everyone xxx

Chantelle said on 02/21/06 @ 05:03 PM:
I have read these comments from other women about trying to get donations for thier breast implant surgery and I too agree and feel for them and am in same situation,I am looking for any help I can get also. I am very self consious about what I have now and have been wanting this surgery for years.my grandmother has them and supports me on this and has never had any problems with hers!Please email me at: chantelle369@sympatico.ca Thnx: Chantelle :)

Ri Ri said on 03/11/06 @ 03:31 PM:
I've read through some of these, and gone to alot of the sites. There's been several women successful. Even one that already got her 1st procedure and working on her 2nd. I can't see how it's a losing situation for anybody! I'll have one up and running here sometime soon... I'll make sure I get back here and post it so you guys can see it ;))

Casey said on 05/12/06 @ 10:01 AM:
I've been working on my site forever, finally got it up and running...Woo hoo for big bouncy boobs!

I'll be posting after photos and such, check it out if you want to.

kazy said on 06/14/06 @ 12:02 PM:
i am a mother of 5 wonderfull children, i have never had big breats, now after having children i am left with just the skin, which looks like spanniels ears, i have applied to the nhs but was refused as i would need both enlargement and uplift and this would cost them far too much money, i have applied to extreme makeover and 10 years younger and never got anywhere. I really need some help from someone as i really need this for myself and can not afford it, every bit of spare money we have goes on the children.

Jeanette said on 07/16/06 @ 02:18 AM:
Wow, I can't believe I went so many years without breasts. After 1 year I still F**king love them. I don't think any woman should have to feel the way I did. I hope all of you get the chance to really feel this great about yourselves.

Tristen Dream said on 07/20/06 @ 04:27 PM:
I am beginning my adult career and I NEED BOOBS!!! I have 2 kids and I am so not what I was like 5 years ago. I am only 25 and have the boobs of a grandma :::sigh:::. HELP ME!!!!

hailey jane said on 08/06/06 @ 03:58 PM:
someone help this beautiful exotic dancer have the chest i used to. I was stacked and now gravity is taking over help me please

Sarah London said on 09/06/06 @ 04:02 PM:
help and english rose get her assets seen!!www.myfreeimplants.com/model_home.asp

come say hello..........

charlene said on 09/07/06 @ 07:17 AM:
hi im a 22 yr old small breasted girl n would love help to pay for a boob job to help me become the confident woman i know is inside!!! thanx for listening x x x

renae said on 11/13/06 @ 02:37 AM:
how do i get my name up on this site to hopefuly get enough money for a boob job???????

lisa said on 11/18/06 @ 12:25 AM:
Hi my name is lisa I am a mother of five wonderful children. I am ok with my body,. I have gotten very lucky. But I have always been so uncomfortable with my breast size. But I have never been able to afford breast implants.. I do all I can to be the best mom that I can be. But I would love to be able to do this for myself. Can somebody help me? Please let me know I will be waiting Bye!

lisa said on 11/18/06 @ 12:44 AM:
Hi my name is lisa. I am a mother of five wonderful children. I am ok with my body,. I have gotten very lucky. But I have always been so uncomfortable with my breast size. But I have never been able to afford breast implants.. I do all I can to be the best mom that I can be. But I would love to be able to do this for myself. Can somebody help me? Please let me know I will be waiting Bye!

Lisa said on 11/18/06 @ 03:08 AM:
Hi this is me Lisa again i'm having some serious issues with this computer of mine.My kids know more about how to use it than I do. Ha!Ha! so ya might get the same request twice but hey that's just because I want this so bad.Hope to hear from you soon bye!

Lisa said on 11/18/06 @ 03:10 AM:
Hi this is me Lisa again i'm having some serious issues with this computer of mine.My kids know more about how to use it than I do. Ha!Ha! so ya might get the same request twice but hey that's just because I want this so bad.Hope to hear from you soon bye!

andrea said on 02/01/07 @ 06:29 AM:
i have read these but i doubt people would help us get big boobs if there is on thing i would like is a boob job i have had a little girl now they have totally gone small and out of shape my fella thinks ther ok but i hate them big time, if there is someone who is loaded out there and got a bit of spare moneythen i would love someone to help me to get nice big normwl boobs :)

STEVIE said on 02/02/07 @ 07:16 AM:

STEVIE said on 02/02/07 @ 07:22 AM:

lauren said on 02/17/07 @ 12:32 PM:
Hey I am 20 years old and looking for breast impants I will send you photos anything, you want....looking for donations please help email me at pokkadots@gmail.com if your intrested in helping...if you help me, i will help you!

Samantha said on 02/17/07 @ 01:15 PM:
Hello my name is Sam, i am a 21 year old girl who since the age of 13 has been suffering from severe eating disorders. i am trying depserately to raise money to go to a treatment centre and get the help i need! If you think you can help id happily give you any information you would like. You do not have to donate to me you can donate directly to te clinic that way you know this is not a scam. I am desperate to get better, i have not had a life for the past 8years of my life and neither have my family. Please help give them there daughter back!!!! My email is: its_sam95@hotmail.com. just please find it in your heart to help someone in need, no matter how small it is. xx

Faye said on 02/18/07 @ 07:43 PM:
Hi my name is Faye and i'm looking for someone to help me out. I am willing to exchange photo's and complete any tasks it takes in order for you to donate. Please email me at angelfromoxford@hotmail.com

Many Thanks x

Natalie said on 03/26/07 @ 03:51 AM:
Hi my name is Natalie and i am also looking for someone to help me out. I am willing to exchange photo's and complete any tasks it takes in order for you to donate. this is something that will change my life for the better, i have no chest what so ever. Please email me at natalie.may@laurens.co.uk

help me said on 03/28/07 @ 03:34 PM:
hi i am 21 I have very small breasts and depsperatly want surgery I have a 2 year old daughter and I have had a really tough time over the past 2 years when my daughter was born she was diagnosed as having a very rare kidney condition then whilst my daughter was in hospital fighting fot her life I found out my partner was cheating on me...alot has went on and I have been to the doctors about the size of my breasts however because of evrything that has went in the last 2 years the doctors will not allow me to have surgery because they say they dont want me to have surgery if i am upset about something else...however I really am low about my breasts I dont feel womanly wat so ever and my confidence is at an all time low so if anyone can help me raise some cash for my operation can you please email me at steph_d1986@hotmail.co.uk and help me get some happyiness in my life thanks for listening, much appreciated xx

heather said on 04/07/07 @ 07:28 PM:
please is there someone out there who is willing to help me pay for a boob job!! i need it so bad!! im 22 yrs old ..donate anything!! thank you so much !!

jessica said on 04/23/07 @ 08:08 PM:
u whores disgust me, there are far worse things in the world then ur pathetic looks. how sad u are

summer said on 05/02/07 @ 09:10 AM:
please please will you consider me.. im 19 from london and my boobs are terrible one is much bigger then the other and i am really embarassed as you can clearly see them through my top.. please help im so depressed... x summer

summer said on 05/02/07 @ 09:14 AM:
hi my email address is summerfaye@hotmail.co.uk please consider me i hate my chest i will send photos in return.. please i am so depressed about the way i look.. one is bigger then the other and i need �3500 for a dream come true.. bigger breasts.. please x

Amazed and Impressed said on 05/03/07 @ 02:49 PM:

Wow- you all have some serious issues that you need to work out with yourself before considering breast augmentation.

Amanda Pearce said on 05/07/07 @ 02:55 AM:
My lifes dream is to have bigger boobs check out my website and tell me if a bum like i got should have a cracking pair of boobs to go with it. I am dreaming really im a single mother of 2 and nothing ever seems to go well for me, if u can help me, payments can be made into my paypal account ; amanda.pearce1@virgin.net . When i become rich and famous i will re pay you i promise thanks love Amanda xxx

sarah said on 05/13/07 @ 10:54 AM:
I'd love 2 hav a boob job. I'm 24 and hav lost weight and boobs recently and its killing me. I want a D cup as i'm currently only an A. Please e-mail me at sirocco_82@hotmail.co.uk. I'd be perfect if i had boobs, i'd squeeze them all the time. Oh yeah the guys with the biggest donations can squeeze them too! It's only fair!

sarah said on 05/13/07 @ 10:56 AM:
I'd love 2 hav a boob job. I'm 25 and hav lost weight and boobs recently and its killing me. I want a D cup as i'm currently only an A. Please e-mail me at sirocco_82@hotmail.co.uk. I'd be perfect if i had boobs, i'd squeeze them all the time. Oh yeah the guys with the biggest donations can squeeze them too! It's only fair!

nikki said on 05/15/07 @ 10:19 AM:
hi my names nikki and i am desperately seeking a boob job! i have no way of funding it and i really would appreciate some help, from anyone! willing to make a young girl happy.

Georgina said on 05/20/07 @ 10:22 AM:
I would beg people for money for a breast enlargement as i've wanted one for 10 years now and being a mom i can't afford one. I am beside myself and its got to the point where i dont even like getting undressed around my little one i tell her to go out of the room when she's talking to me. It embarrasing when you want to buy clothes it takes forever to choose one top. Some women think its degrading but i find it even more degrading not being able to show off my feminity.

cheryl said on 05/22/07 @ 12:35 PM:
im 19 from scotland me and my sister were both hellishy gave these small breast we each have children i have one she has 3 can anyone give me any ideas how to set up something to help us reach our target many thanks my email is cheryl200605@o2.co.uk

tanya said on 05/25/07 @ 03:50 AM:
i am 29 and have never had any boobs i suffer from deprestion as i have no selfasteam.i can not look good as i dont feel good all i wont is some boobs.i have 3 children and during and after my pregnancy thay didnt get any bigger.i feel like a bloke and i am so unhappy i would be realy greatfull if anyone could help

kelly said on 06/03/07 @ 12:24 PM:
hello my name is kelly im 24 years ols and would really love to get boob job but being a single mum is really hard to fork out that kind of money on a boob job, i am currently only a student havent got time for a job at the moment.
im 24 years old and after having a baby at the age of 20 o find that my boobs are awful to look at and are also a bit small for my liking, i would love to be a glamout model or something like that and it would be a dream to hve a boob job if anyone can help!

Amber said on 06/14/07 @ 05:49 PM:
Hi- I am a single 36 year old mom, who does not look a day over 25. My ex took my car and the two houses we bought together and I stupidly put under his name only, and now im trying to make ends meet. I rent a small room from a family and am barely making ends meet. I am a financial consultant, just starting out so money is not that great and wont be for some time. Many people I met lately said due to my being very pretty I could do well at cocktail waitressing. I really need to get a job that will help me get on my feet. I live in Las Vegas and its too hot here to take the bus with my 5 year old son. I have an a cup right now and want a med-large d size. If anyone can help!!!

amy said on 07/03/07 @ 07:35 AM:
I am a mother of 2. I used to have nice breasts. I am 26 years old with the breasts of a 65 year old man. I am looking to get some assistance. Ladies avoid my freeimplants.com its a joke. most the girls on there are models and stuff. its not worth it i noticed. if anybody would like to help my paypal account email is ineednewboobs@yahoo.com. or feel free to email if you have any questions

amy said on 07/03/07 @ 08:05 AM:
there is the site i have set up so far it will be better in the next few weeks as to i am still working on it. thank you

jo said on 07/10/07 @ 05:01 AM:
hi there im a 20 year old girl,
had a baby 2 years ago and since then my boobs got very large 36 f but due to baby they sack and have stretch marks so unattractive i dont feel like a woman ,
due to spending every penny on my daughter dont have money for myself so if anyone can help id be so grateful i want to feel like the young sexy woman i should be! without the granny boobs!!!!!1
PLEASE HELP this is my last resort!!! my email is boo.ga.loo@hotmail.co.uk

K said on 07/20/07 @ 10:19 PM:
Im a 22 Year old single mother of one. Who unlike most people i want... SMALLER breasts. I Cant even find a fitting bra at the moment im about 38 H. My medical wont cover it until i lower my BMI but.. becuase they are so large and put so much strain on my back , neck , and shoulders, I cant really work out. and the longer this goes on the .. more weight i gain. I lost most of the weight after my son.. but since.. my weight is comming back on . and soon ill have to add a tummy tuck to the list :( shortly after I had my son my fiance who was a navy boy up and left for something younger and with less responsibilities. leaving me to raise our son alone with NO help. Every cent I get goes to my lil man . at this rate I wont be able to afford this until im in my 40s. And by than.... ill be even more depressed than I am . and will live a lonely life :( My mom is all I have and she cant afford to help me . or im certain she would. I really want to have the joy back in my life.. I cant find bras to fit so the longer I go without obviously the worse off they are.. and saggier they get :( Im only 22 and I constantly see older women i WISH i could have the body of .. kaylahowen@eastlink.ca

MICHELLE said on 08/09/07 @ 01:18 PM:

MICHELLE said on 08/09/07 @ 01:29 PM:

Jennifer said on 08/16/07 @ 01:12 PM:
Please help... I seriously need a boob job and have no money. I can barely pay my bills. I am 24 and just had my second child... last one, and my boobs are so sad. They really want to be perky and Happy can you please help me... please.

krista said on 08/23/07 @ 09:09 AM:
i want to get a boob job for free... so tell me, how can i do that????

betty said on 08/24/07 @ 07:08 AM:
i am a single mom of 5 i have raised them all on my own and now it is time for me i work 3 jobs just to mkae ends meet but i am still unhappy with my body i sometimes just sit and cry when i see myself in the mirrow can someone help me with this? all i want is to feel better about my body i have been put down so much by abusive men that i now hate to get in a relationship due to the fact that i know that someday they will see my body and hurl at the sight and yet once again leave me all alone so please someone help me!!!

rachel said on 08/26/07 @ 02:52 PM:
Im very scared to tell you how im feeling ive never told anyone before but since i was 14 i have been wearing silicone implants size c in my bra im now 21 i dont know wha to do i am a 32a size and i would die to have boobs i dont know what to do my doctor has done nothing apart from give me anti depressents i cant just take the implants out of my bra cause people think i am a c cup and have boobs. If only i had them i wont have a worry in the world. I cant help but always look at other girls boobs when i go out and all i can do is wish, i just want to be happy if someone can help me i will never forget the person who made me happy and enjoy life.XX

angel said on 08/29/07 @ 11:14 AM:
i think that if god made us the way we are is for a reason. Why asking for more or less if there are more important things in the world to worry about rather than boobs. For god sake ladies!!!!...there are more attributes a lady has than boobs!!!....on top of that think how you would look when you turn 60!!! one bob is going to be in the south pole and the other one in the north pole.....are you still going to be asking for more $$$ to lift them up?....that's patetic!!....get a life girls....and stop selling yourself!!!

k said on 08/29/07 @ 11:38 AM:
I think that in most cases.. the saying if you dont have anything nice to say than say nothing at all is in order. You have no right to make comments like that especially without reading ALL the posts. I personally dont want larger breasts. Im looking for help funding a reduction. because the added weight of have 38 H.. is taking its toll on MY 22 year old body . My back is in constant pain, and is severly limits what i can do . The canadian government will only pay for this surgury if i become disgustingly thing .. becuase when they figure out bmi they dont factor in the 40 lbs im carrying on my chest ! ... so before you tell me to get a life !!!!! walk a day in my shoes. and in NO WAY am I selling myself.

chey said on 08/29/07 @ 07:56 PM:
if you don't like what you read then dont come on this site. sure god made us the way we are, but when we get sick or in an accident we go to the doctors to get better dont we? if what your saying holds any merit then doing that is wrong too, because we got sick for a reason too right so why change it? Ok thats ludicris, so women have a right to want whatever changes made to thier body for whatever reasons they want to, medical, or cosmetic. Who cares how they will look later, its thier body and if thats what they want then more power to them.I know women who pay 3 thousand dollars for a purse, so at least with boobs it serves to help our self esteem and not just for fashion. SO if you dont agree with what this site is about, then dont read it, no one here cares what you think anyway its not like your GOD

just_me said on 09/02/07 @ 12:16 PM:
Angel, I cannot help but wonder, if you shave you legs, wear nail polish or lipstick, color your hair or even have it cut. Do you use deodorant? None of those things are natural or as God made you. If your teeth were crooked, would you have them straigtened? How about glasses, would you choose frames by style? I assume you don't walk around naked, as God made you, are all you clothes plain white cotton or perhaps made from potato sacks? Or are you, just as vain as these women, who in most cases, just want to look their best, only difference is, they are aware of it and not hippocritical about it.

kate said on 09/11/07 @ 02:07 PM:
hey i want a boob job too.....how the hell do you get everyone to donate.... i just want a boob job for me...no boys just to make me feel like a woman/,,,,im 21years of age and i feel like a boy...if anyone wants to give me 3grand to get em done i would b more than happy to share my experience with anyone...if they were willing to help me....!!1

Nathan said on 09/12/07 @ 08:36 AM:
I think you should update the part that says SFW. I just checked and the ads are definitely NOT safe for work. ;)

Jake said on 09/12/07 @ 09:24 AM:
You make the assumption that somebody is actually reading the post, Nathan -- based on the comments here, nobody is.

Angelica said on 09/17/07 @ 03:54 PM:
hey people I am a young mother of 3 who would love to get breast implants but i can't aford them.. The money I make goes strictly to my kids and home.. I am a small b and would like to be a full c... I would appreciate any donations towards them.. I am a really sweet person and if I ahd the funds I would definitly donate to someone who deserves it.. thank you sooo much..

roberta said on 09/20/07 @ 01:15 PM:
Hi my name is Roberta. I have RA. and can't afford to get my best assets which are my breast done but there is one problem they are too small for me i am 5'9" an i am 140lbs my breast are 34b i would love to have them a little bigger. like 36c if their is anyone out there that can help me let me know

Yasmin said on 09/23/07 @ 07:13 AM:
i really want a nose job!

alayna said on 09/23/07 @ 02:16 PM:
I want a boob job badly. I heard about a site where you can accept donations, but i think you have to send the donators pics, which i don't feel too comfortable doing. i'm soooo flat-chested though and i feel so boyish because my stomach can stick out further than my boobs, or lack thereof. is there any other way to get donations without basically selling my image online??

J. Beckham said on 09/24/07 @ 04:49 PM:
Hi, I need some help myself. I have a lump in my left breast and may need an operation. I'll probably be scarred for life, mentally & physically. I can only imagine what my breast is going to look like after the lump is removed. :-( I'd definitely get the boob job, if I had the money. Thanks.

dana said on 09/28/07 @ 10:27 AM:
i am a 26 year old with 2 kids and i really need a pair of new boobs.

Fergal said on 10/02/07 @ 01:49 PM:
Hi my name is fergal im from ireland i would like to help one of ye girls out get breast implants my phone number is +353873254271 please call me if i think you are a good person that deserves the money for new breasts i promise i will help you

katie said on 10/03/07 @ 09:54 AM:
hello...my name is katie and i have had small breasts forever i am 21 now and all i want is to have fun but i am so insecure ...i am willing so share my experience or do anything it takes to be able to have a boob job..please get in touch if you cud help me..

Katyanne said on 10/07/07 @ 07:56 AM:
how'd i get dnations for myself?
im broken inside and desperate...


Big $ T said on 10/10/07 @ 04:52 PM:
Ok ladies. I've seen lots of you interested in getting new boobs. I am all about helping hot women getting the boobs to match. So, if you would like for me to donate to your new boobs, send current pics to talleb2@yahoo.com. Thanks. T

porsche said on 10/15/07 @ 06:19 PM:
what the hell people! i know you have small boobs but how bout thinking about people (kids) that have no clothes or homes over there heads. thats rediculous! get over yourself and donate money to little kids not boobs!

Jennie said on 10/16/07 @ 01:01 PM:
I am so ashamed that I have to get help to get boobs, but i know that it would just boost my confidence. I was proud at one point then i lost them after having my two children. please help me raise my confidence. email me at jenniehollibaugh@yahoo.com if you want to donate, please!

Fergal said on 10/19/07 @ 05:12 PM:
Hi again i am very happy that i have been able to help someone get breast implants. Christine i hope you like your new chest : )

Rachel said on 10/27/07 @ 04:11 PM:
MFI ive been on this site for four months now,,kind of struggling to gain new friends...ive got $2k to find before my quest is finished,,a girl could do with a new friend..kisses Rachel xxx

alison said on 11/06/07 @ 06:35 AM:
i have reali small breasts and i wud also like a boob job but i dont no how 2 raise the funds? wud ny fiesty boys like 2 pay 4 my pictures?

Fergal said on 11/18/07 @ 05:40 PM:
Hi girls give me a call anytime on +353873254271 and i might be able to help ye get a boob job. a lady named christine rang me a few weeks ago and when she told me how bad her 34a chest made her life i was happy to help. she is now a 34c i dont want any photos of you or anything like that

keeley said on 12/05/07 @ 04:43 PM:
i aint even 21 yet and im a mum of to and i really need help to get some nice boobs ive got years ahead of me and i want to be satisfied and feel confident with a fella

Kristi said on 12/07/07 @ 10:57 PM:
look in the mirror.. how do you feel? every morning is a struggle. most people have no idea what its like tearing up because they aren't happy with themselves.. i jsut want to look more my age.. so please do this for me.. help me feel confident. kah0485@esu.edu

Tasha said on 12/18/07 @ 09:34 AM:
I feel for everyone here. but I'm sorry to say charities for children and people in other countries who have nothing are alot more important than a set of big boobs. You should be happy with who and what you are. A big set of boobs don't make you a better person, you should be happy with what you have been given and if it's that bad you should earn your own money and wait for it because money should be going on real problems. xxx

Cheyenne said on 12/18/07 @ 03:24 PM:

any other way to reach you? i cant call long distance!!!

Fergal said on 12/19/07 @ 04:04 PM:
Hi cheyeene you can aslo send me a text message. if you can try and find a way to call me.

claire said on 12/23/07 @ 09:18 AM:
try myfreeimplants.com

nae said on 12/26/07 @ 11:32 AM:
to Tasha - you obviously are not small-chested.
its difficult to get up in the mornings or look in the mirror at all and realize you are a woman trapped in a little girl's body. have some sympathy.

nae said on 12/26/07 @ 11:36 AM:
who is fergal & how do i reach you.?

DYNAMITE said on 12/31/07 @ 01:51 AM:


Tasha said on 01/03/08 @ 07:43 PM:
Nae... it's not about sympathy! a big set of boobs are not essential. Plenty of other ways to boost your confidence! Nothing wrong with wanting bigger boobs but it should be earned other ways than asking people to fund it when it could be going to save peoples lives.

helen said on 02/06/08 @ 11:40 AM:
I am desperate for larger breasts as i have 34a boobs and desperate to get bigger ones. ive looked into surgery but being a single mom of 2 kids i could never afford them. if theres anyone willing to donate i would be truly greatful!! not sure how this works though but willing to give anything a try

yourleastfavorite said on 02/18/08 @ 08:41 PM:
I'm 18 years old (and 3 months), 5'11", thin, and not even an A cup. My male friend said this to me at school today: "You're already gorgeous; if you got nice boobs, you'd be model material."

I'd like to be a B or a small C - just something normal, nothing extreme. The outline of my sternum is clearly visible right now; I just want to look like a girl and not, as another friend once said, like a "f--kable skeleton."

I'm applying to colleges right now, and things like this need to wait until after I'm accepted to a school, so I don't risk damaging my admissions status by having odd things pop up in Google searches of my name, but...

Would any guys be interested in helping me out? I wouldn't do explicitly sexual (ie bare crotch) pics or videos, but I'm up for anything-but, and I'll definitely do bare before-and-after shots.

rena love said on 02/21/08 @ 08:10 AM:
I have very smalls boobs and i just hope maybe someone can help me be able to get implants please please donate money to help go to getting me some implants.......

rena love said on 02/21/08 @ 08:16 AM:
how do i get my name up there so people will donate tords a boob job i just hate my boobs and i just want to be able to look at them and be happy about them so can anyone tell me how i would go about trying to get people to donate to my boob fund

rena love said on 02/21/08 @ 08:32 AM:
if anyone wants to donate to me to get my boobs done just email me at brian_rena_buster@yahoo.com

Toni Jenkins said on 02/25/08 @ 05:51 AM:
im a no cup at the moment and want bigger boobs its depressin im 20 years old if would like 2 help email me at blonde_welsh_chick@hotmail.com thanks

Roxanne said on 02/26/08 @ 07:40 AM:
Hi, im starting a good career and would 2get bigger boobs...Im 34b and wouldn't mind going up 2 sizes..In return for these u will get the pictures of what u have paid for. E-mail me for more info roxylouise666@hotmail.co.uk There will be no disappointment here, just happiness for both

bianca said on 03/03/08 @ 03:10 PM:
please donate towards my breast enlargement i am a 32a and hate my boobs! i have a young daughter and just cant afford to save up!!

bianca said on 03/03/08 @ 03:12 PM:
i will invite u 2 watch the surgery if u wish email me biancabum@hotmail.co.uk

P said on 03/15/08 @ 02:53 AM:
I need a boob job and i'm willing to do anything to get it!

Rachel said on 03/20/08 @ 09:36 AM:
Well i had my boob surgery on the 8th march, so its been two weeks:0) there healing well: What can i say? Myfreeimplants.com has changed my life forever!!!!!! If you stay true to you, you can make your total goal....i made an earlier blog a few months ago, i think it was october time, wow....the difference is amazing!!! kisses....xxx

altamaniac said on 03/20/08 @ 02:52 PM:
I'm sorry for not understanding, but I like women with small or no breasts. You should hook-up with me. I'd make you feel good about yourself.

Tracey said on 03/30/08 @ 06:50 AM:
hi, i am 21 years old and i have average sized breasts but i have one that is slightly larger than the other and as i know this it makes me very concious of my breasts. also i am very young and am hoping to be able to get an uplift as they are very doopy for my age and do not look nice. im not on here as an easy way out. i have been saving for 10 months now myself but it just seems as if il never have the boobs i want.
i work 9-6 mon - fri so im not a lazy person i just have a family to support . PLEASE can someone help and make my dream come true XXXX

Trish said on 04/17/08 @ 06:39 AM:
Ok I'm a 29 year old mother I have a great body except for my breasts, I have been on this other site where guys donate money to you for your boob job, well they seem to want to donate to everyone but me, I have been on there for almost two years and have only gotten a little over $300 and I see women there who get all the money they need in under a month which really pisses me off because they expect you to spend 14 to 15 hours a day on there, I can't do that I have a job and a family, all I am asking is for someone to help me please, I work but I have bills that need to be paid and I just can't afford it, i'm a goodlooking girl and would be willing to send anyone pics who would help me out, I am barely a 32A and I hate being sad all the time because of it, these other ladies here know what I mean, I hope I hear from someone soon as summer is almost here and I would love to look good this year

Trish said on 04/17/08 @ 06:45 AM:
I would also like to give you guys my email addy so that you can message me if you would like to help, it is trish79@charter.net ladies you can email me to if you would like to chat, no i'm not a lesbian lol, but would really like to hear about you and why you want implants or if someone has helped you get your implants how was the experince

lissy jones said on 04/17/08 @ 09:49 AM:
I'am a 39 year old mom of 2 my husband is leaving me for someone elese even though my body is back to where it was 10 years ago my breast are very small i'am struggleing to get my self conf back if i had bigger breast i could be proud of my body with being an at home mom and helping husband with his business and him leaving me i'am having finance problems and can nor aford a boob job could some one please help me

kara said on 04/29/08 @ 02:49 AM:
im 18 and had my first baby last year my boobs used to be an Acup but looked great and perky now i have wrinkly stretch marks and they sag and there an Ecup now and my nipples are massive and i carnt even afford nothing to sort them out so im just exercising and it dont work

Fathi kabzapud said on 05/02/08 @ 03:31 AM:
f--k ye all

faye said on 05/05/08 @ 06:41 AM:
my boobs are small and i love it!! small boobs are great you fit into tops easier and they look better boys like them better as long as theres a handful there happy and in 32-34A and i have a handful. so stop complaining about wanting big boobs, big boobs are out they look nasty and there so tacky but hey, if fake and tacky is ur thing then go 4 it!!

jamin said on 05/05/08 @ 06:42 AM:
u r so rite

Trish said on 05/11/08 @ 06:40 AM:
This is for faye, who are you to come here and disrespect how you think we should feel, it's apparent that you are not a very mature person, if you don't like what it is we want for ourselves then just stay out of it

Paige said on 05/13/08 @ 08:25 AM:
Some girls don't even have a handful. How insecure do you think it makes them feel. How less of a woman do you think it makes them feel when you feel less than adequate. I've always wanted breast not huge breast but just breast big enough to be held. I wish the people who were secure enough with their own breast would leave insecure women alone as if we didn't have enough to worry over. Geez

Trish said on 05/13/08 @ 10:09 AM:
Well said paige you took the words right out of my mouth

Lisa said on 05/24/08 @ 07:14 PM:
Hi everyone! I feel for all these women that are in the same situation as I am. I am 38 years old, have had two babies & have saggy breasts, which lost a cup size after breastfeeding. I am now a 36A and would love to just have my breasts filled back out. If there is any way to get help, please let me know. I signed up for freeimplants.com but don't know how long that will take. I have been supporting myself and paying child-support for 4 1/2 years now - so it's a little hard to save up the money for breast implants. If anyone can help - I would greatly appreciate it and would keep everyone up on the progress with emails, phone calls & pix. Thank you everyone & goood luck to all those women out there that want to feel more secure about themselves like I want to.

Holly said on 05/28/08 @ 05:18 PM:
I am english i want a boob job so bad! I'm young 19, and trust me they are not going to grow any more. I wish to transform from a 34A to a 34C at least! I really want to feel confiendent and worthy of being a women! I'm curvy everywhere else appart from my chest. Please can someone help me, im already working all the hours god gives and it is still not enough! Please can someone help me achieve my dream!

HiD said on 05/30/08 @ 07:08 PM:
Faye, if an A is a handful for you then you must be wit a midget, cuz no grown man I know gets a handful out of a B cup, let alone a C. If your happy with yours, then stay out of this conversation. We dont need stupid comments that cause drama you dumb bitch

Tammy said on 06/21/08 @ 04:30 AM:
I am going to put it out like this I'm 30 years old a nice body but the one thing I am lacking is a nice handful.I have trouble taking of my shirt when im going to have sex with my man after 7 years he tells me baby u are beautiful u have a great body.He so nice and good to me but my confiendese leavel is about a 1 and i hate it so much.I dont have kids i cant have kids and that makes me even worse but if i was to have a boob job life would fill better for me and him and he my man is all for this he said he will help he will hold my hand though all of this.So please any one out there please my selfesstem needs a littel help so im turning to the internet.Thank you all.

vi said on 07/03/08 @ 07:27 PM:
Hi, My name is Vi, I am a single mother of two. I supported my way through college and now owe 45,000 in debt. I have my degree but with two children I have not been able to do anything for myself. I would love to have my breast enlarged but cannot afford it. Can you help me? I model part time but it is still not enough, I struggle everyday and I would love to feel as if someone is out there that can help me.

vi said on 07/03/08 @ 07:46 PM:
you can email me at luvit_models@yahoo.com

Anna said on 07/07/08 @ 06:22 AM:
Well i have always had a hard time accepting my body. I used to be flat, but filled out to a B. Mine are slightly uneven, and sag a little because i had a baby. Guys used to say to me growing up "If you didnt have a foot, would you wear a sock?" and then they would say "so why you wear a bra?". Im somewhat happy with my body now(i dont think im small) but im afraid of what they will look like in a few years. I dont want to have to wear a bra to look great. and Plus i dont like how i fill out some swimsuits. i just wish i could be a C so i can wear what i want and feel like a real women. If anyone knows of any websites that can help that would be great. Even if there are websites with stay at home jobs that are legit i'll look into those so i can make money for it. my email is blondiie839@aol.com.

Charlee-Jay said on 07/07/08 @ 06:31 PM:
Hi, My name is Charlee-Jay, but i am known as CJ. I am young and have always had an outgoing personality. But i dont have any confidence anymore. I resently battled for my life through Anorexia. I suffered for 2 years. Although i regained some weight and got some curve back my boobs have not grown at all. I am a size 10 and my boobs are an A cup. They stop me from enjoying my freedom of being young still. I find it hard to get intamate, and i feel like there is no point in even trying to eat because i now look out of propotion. Please can anybody help a girl in destress. I just want to be happy, and regain my confidence so i can finally put my horrible past behind me, and move on to hopefully succeed in my chosen career. Please help anybody. I fyou no anybody who can or if you kindly want to help me please email me at destiny_1778@hotmail.com
Thank you xx

greg schrader said on 07/08/08 @ 05:51 AM:
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lisa said on 07/10/08 @ 10:59 PM:
Hi, i am a 26 year old in need of a boob job, i have two young children and throughout the years my brests have suffered. i would really love to have larger boobs but can not afford for this to be possible. If anyone can help i would be very greatful. love lisa

**amy** said on 07/13/08 @ 02:31 PM:
hi,my names amy im 24 & a mother of 2 & feel sick every time i look @ my boobs.wen i was younger i was a big girl n got picked on 4 my size,i lost the weight and my 36dd boobs,had a child n got 34d boobs bk but afta my second child i have empty sacks ov skin instead ov boobs,plz help me get sum boobs bk u wnt b disapointd ;) amy2611@live.co.uk

toyah.johnson said on 07/15/08 @ 07:01 AM:
i used to be a very firm 34b sized chest now since having three children at 27 my breasts are no longer the same they are saggy and loose i cant even get naked in front of my partner it completly rules my life i hate them ive always dreamed of having them done but have never been able to afford it i feel very depressed about them and wish there was something i could do about them im constantly told by people that im attractive and slim but thats not enough i no longer feel attractive because of this please somebody help me feel whole again. toyah.johnson@yahoo.com

camille said on 07/15/08 @ 10:17 PM:
hey everyone..i am a young shemale wo doesnt have any money to have my boobs done..i am 2o years old and yet iam very open minded..i want to become a real and i want a boob job so badly..i try to save money but then i think i cant have such amount..please anybody who has a good heart..help me..I NEED UR HELP..i can pay u with love and absolutely care if u want...i am serious!!

nikki said on 07/26/08 @ 12:47 PM:
i used to be a very firm ff to a dd an because i ave lost a fair amought of weight they have gone a bit saggy i would like to have an uplife an as im studing at uni an have a little boy to support i am finding it difficult to come up with the money.it will also help with my confidence as i dont have much anymore

nikki said on 07/26/08 @ 12:49 PM:
my email adresss is nikole86@hotmail.co.uk
you can also add me on my msn donations wood help alot thanx

clare said on 07/26/08 @ 12:53 PM:
hey every one i use to be a 36ff but i lost 2 stone an my boobs have gone saggy an i dont feel like a woman any more my confidence has gone away with them please help clarewilliams+18@hotmail.co.uk

clare said on 07/26/08 @ 12:54 PM:
clarewilliams_18@hotmail.co.uk any donations welcome i need your help

Charlotte Howell said on 08/20/08 @ 12:47 PM:
Help me im in serious need of bigger boobs.... until i can love myself how can i expect anyone else to love me.....??

Becky said on 08/29/08 @ 03:29 PM:
Please help me we only live once, I am so pretty but I have the small chest ever. I cant even have a relationship im that embarresed please help

Suz said on 09/02/08 @ 07:38 AM:
For all those that would like help raising money for a boobjob, I wouldn't bother with myfreeimplants as I think you get lost in the crowds.
Instead try creating your own site, thats what I did I also blog on it and am currently adding some extra bits.
Also for those girls that have there own site I have a links page on mine to advertise other girls sites. just email me at sizzlingsuz@hotmail.co.uk the website is http://boostmybs.bravehost.com/index.html

Suz said on 09/02/08 @ 07:40 AM:
hi all
Girls why not just create your own site, thats what I did.
Also if anyone has thier own site I have a links page on my site I can add you to just email me my email is on the site http://boostmybs.bravehost.com

xena said on 09/03/08 @ 03:20 AM:
hello i am also a silgle mum of two and work two jobs i have been trying to save for a boob jod for over three years now but there is always somthing that comes up.I am getting every depressed at the moment .

lisa said on 09/09/08 @ 12:57 AM:
hello babydolls ...i need someone to help me out i got some money but of course i need help im 21 and want some boobs but i guess everybody on here does so if u randomley happen to say hey ill help her hook me up on lisababy313@yahoo.com...thanks baby dolls

Brittany said on 09/09/08 @ 11:26 PM:
Hello my name is Brittany, Im 19 years old and a single mama of a wonderful little girl.Im 5'4 and 110lbs.Ive always had a small chest.I would really like a boob Job...my small boobs are always on my mind. I feel so bad about the way i look.I DO NOT go to the beach what so ever. I havent wore a bikini to the beach since i was about 13 years old.For once i want to look my age and feel better about who i am.. IF ANYONE COULD HELP ME IT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED..MY E-MAIL IS MYSUNANDMOON19@YAHOO.COM PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

terri said on 09/11/08 @ 04:34 AM:
hello my name is terri im 23 year old women who has a 4 year old little girl. i have been dreaming of a boob job since i was 16. what can i say i was'nt gifted in that department. im a single mum who has been saving for a boob job for years. when i feel like im getting somewhere something always pops up like large bills etc. can anyone please please help xx x x my email is terrireid1985@hotmail.com. ps please someone make my dream come true

Nameless One said on 09/19/08 @ 05:59 PM:
guys are AWESOME

Alexis said on 09/27/08 @ 10:24 PM:
Hi there, can anyone possibly help a girl who's losing her confidence. I'm 18 years old, I went through puberty very early and my breasts have not grown since I was 12. I'm an A cup. It's really degrading for all the girls around me to have bigger breasts than me. It makes me feel like I was left out of the gene pool. My boyfriends' 13 year old sister is much larger than me. :(. I am 5'3 1/2" and 115 lbs. I would feel much prettier and complete if I had breasts. If you can help please email me. Thank you

Laura Xx said on 10/10/08 @ 05:15 AM:
Please Help Me, I Know This Is A Really Selfish Way To Try And Get Money For A Boob Job, But Its Something I Really Want More Than Anything. I Work For Minimum Wage And Doubt I Will EVER Be Able To Save The Money For This, After All The Costs For Living As They Are. I Cant See People Actually Wanting To Throw Their Money At Me, But Anything Is Worth A Try. This Is Something I Would Be Eternally Gratefull For.
Hope Somebody Conciders Me :)
Email Me- lauragallacher@hotmail.co.uk

neetu jangra said on 10/15/08 @ 10:04 PM:
Respected Sir/Mam
This is neetu jangra,i m 20 years old ,i m left handed handicapped,we r 4 membersin my family,my mother is very ill,i need 50,000Rs for her treatment,i dont have money for her treatment,i m the elder in my family,today my mother is series,i need the money urgently,nobody is there for my help ,so plz help me today,money can save a life,i will that money very soon,i hope u will give me a possitive response,so plz help me,it is the matter to save a life,i m waiting for your response.plz think about that,plz try to trust me,i m sending my bank details.
ACCOUNT NO.--000701596000

Amanda said on 10/27/08 @ 04:38 PM:
Hi im not a person that usally asks for anything but it has come to the point i have to im a 22 yr old woman i have 2 daughters that i have brought up alone i need help geting breast implants i cant afford to pay for them after having my girls it has gotten so bad my breasts are very small and make me feel sick they sag and i wouldnt ask for nothing more than to have them done and stop all this depression and to be able to go outside with confidence as it affects my children plz help me email me at krazygirl_22@hotmail.com i would be so grateful it would be something i would never forget

shelly said on 10/31/08 @ 10:52 AM:
that sounds like me, i've shrunk 2 sizes to a very small b and i feel sick ever time i look at them. i have 1 baby bot and love him but i breast fed a yr doin the best 4 him and came out bottom myself. i still wear bras that are d the size i used to be, i did go to a shop the other day to buy a correct fittin one and ran out nearly in tears as even a b didnt seem to fit properly, help please i cant afford a boob job i've tried the nhs but they wont help me. i wanna be the women i used to be

shelly said on 10/31/08 @ 10:53 AM:
email me at shelly@virgin.net

mel said on 11/05/08 @ 05:45 PM:
iv been selfconous since as long as i can rember. im very silm to, some days my belly stands out more then my chest. i have 3 boys and brest fed them all so you can imagen the stress it put on them, i went up 2 size's in my pregnany but sadly went back to a AA, and have been left with alot off extra skin as a result. i also suffer with clinical depression so the fact that i hate my body dosent help. i just want to have normal boobs, and to b able to go anywhere to get a bra, so if anyone is as generous to help i would be eternally greatfull. it would b such a life changeing thing for me .my email-melwarner@rock.com hope to hear from someone soon

nate said on 11/07/08 @ 11:42 AM:
Go to pilloohs.com and buy a t-shirt to help Kim get a Boob Job!!!

nate said on 11/09/08 @ 10:45 AM:
Shirts at PiLLOOHS.com starting at $6.00. Get twin packs- 5 deals for $24.00!!!! Use Promo Code- fluffkim and get 20% OFF!!!! Come on all- get a shirt, help Kim. IF this promotion takes off, Kim gets her Boobies, who knows you may be the next pilloohs girl and sell a few shirts and get boobies yourself!!

susan said on 11/21/08 @ 05:51 AM:
hi eveyone. im 25 and have wanted larger boobs for such a long time. i wasnt blessed with a womanly top half altho i have hips, so i look out of proportion.
im trying so much to get finance but its looking bleak because banks are declining and interest rates are a disgrace. if anyone would like to help fulfill my dream i would be eternally grateful.

natalie said on 12/10/08 @ 03:33 AM:
hi everone i'm 25 have 4 kids 5 and under and am in desperate need of a boob job i have wanted this for such a long time longer than i can remember now but just cannot afford it PLEASE can someone help me banks said no and cant get any other finance PLEASE PLEASE help me i cant do it alone

tina said on 12/16/08 @ 09:02 PM:
hey everyone, I'm so glad to see that I'm not the only one with boob issues. I'm 28 yrs old and 6" tall and really thin. the unfortunate part is that would be great if i didn't look like a boy. I'm looking for help with boobs too. I'm a single girl who supports herself and that makes for any kind of saving that kind of money really hard. please help me out. I'd be pleased to send pics of what your help has done. :-) thank you so much for your kindness, it will never be forgotten

nate said on 12/20/08 @ 01:39 PM:
Hey all don't forget to check out PiLLOOHS.com and help Fluff Kim's PiLLOOHS.

laura said on 01/17/09 @ 12:11 AM:
it,s nice too see i m not the only one who feels like this. i am 22 years old and my chest is reducing to nothing. i am normally a bubbly little character but being a mother of two babbies is taking it,s toll on me a i keep losing weight and now i am a size 4 please plaese ca some one help get rid of my self loath please thanks Lx

gemma said on 01/19/09 @ 01:39 PM:
hi, can sumone pleasssssssssssseeee help me get the body i have craved for so many years.xx

Samantha said on 01/22/09 @ 09:23 PM:
i really want bigger boobs... can anyone help??? :)
email me at: freakgirl.samantha@gmail.com

gemma said on 01/23/09 @ 02:48 AM:
hi, can sumone pleasssssssssssseeee help me get the body i have craved for so many years.xx
email me s.x.ymummy@hotmail.com

karen said on 02/04/09 @ 08:39 AM:
Hi my name is Karen and like all of you ladies I am desperate to have larger boobs as I was not blessed with any if any one can help me fund this pwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeeeeeeeeee help !!!!!

patricia austin said on 02/13/09 @ 12:40 PM:
Hi my name is Patricia i really need bigger boobs and so does my daughter we are desperate for your help so go on make a mother and her daughter happy e mail me at patriciaaustin@rocketmail.com please please please xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ashleigh said on 02/22/09 @ 05:50 AM:
Have people actually paid for a womans breast enlargement? If so i would rele like someones help im 21 and its not just because i want massive breasts that will look stupid i really hate what h have the skin is all stretchd and i only want to fill out what used to be there. If anyone wants to help email me. Teddybear_tink69@live.co.uk.

Ashleigh said on 02/22/09 @ 05:51 AM:
Have people actually paid for a womans breast enlargement? If so i would rele like someones help im 21 and its not just because i want massive breasts i only want to fill out what used to be there. If anyone wants to help email me. Teddybear_tink69@live.co.uk.

nikki said on 03/23/09 @ 03:10 PM:
I'm looking to start up my own donation fund for my breast implants...How do I go about doing this?

nikki said on 03/23/09 @ 03:14 PM:
I'm also a mother of two and feel insecure about my breast size. I would feel more complete if I had small perky breasts. Please help, I'm a single mother and can not afford this on my own!

Laurie said on 03/27/09 @ 02:26 PM:
I want sexy cleavage and new lingerie! See my site: myimplantsfund.com.


Jade-Mercier.yahoo.co.uk said on 03/29/09 @ 02:31 PM:
How do i apply 4 donactions towards breast implants???

socalfungrl34@aol.com said on 03/31/09 @ 10:15 AM:
hi ..i am wishing everyone the best of luck getting breast implants .....i would love to get them as well just dont have the credit i need as of yet but i am working on it :)...i read some of the post and how people judge others ...kinda sad to be honest ..it is a personal choice and if it makes you feel better about yourself then more power to you .... i love who i am ! just not loving the way my chest looks due to age and weight lose dosn't make me a bad person to want to feel better about how i look .....all my best to everyone ..... keep smiling....robin

socalfungrl34@aol.com said on 03/31/09 @ 10:17 AM:
p.s how to i start a fund ?

Laurie said on 03/31/09 @ 10:37 AM:
To make a donation to me visit my site at www.myimplantsfund.com.

socalfungrl34@aol.com, I am thinking of adding a page for friends who are also looking for donations like me on my website. I will let you know soon.

Dan said on 05/07/09 @ 09:21 AM:
All you girls that are interested in joining a donations based website where you can earn money for your surgery by trading pics/vids/chat email me on dannypockets23@msn.com

jodie said on 05/08/09 @ 06:37 AM:
I would really love a boob job as i am very unhappy with my breasts,I love everything else as i am slim and toned wth long black hair.and a tan,it would make me so so happy if some1 would help me afford this as i no ther are so many people out there with to much muny(haha)so please help me find happiness and i will take you out 4 dinner ;-) xxx much love xxx

jodie said on 05/08/09 @ 06:38 AM:
email me.....

rosie said on 05/25/09 @ 07:42 PM:
hey there e veryone ok so im getting implants on may 28th omg soooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as for everyone who is looking for implants but is on a budget please check out myfreeimplants.com you will be shocked how fantastic and easy the process really is. so if you want that body you have always dreamed of then check it out i made it to HOF(hall of fame) in less than 2 months the entire process took me 3 1/2 months. i reached HOF march 7 2009, so check it out muahhhhhhhh hugs and kisses to everyone

Tracy said on 06/11/09 @ 07:17 PM:
Look! I'm a 30yr old stay at home mom. I didn't have great boobs before my two kids and now they r even smaller. Anyone out there want to buy me some bigger boobs? Let me know. Thanks

diane said on 06/14/09 @ 03:01 PM:
hi im a 24 yr old mum of 2 beautiful boys i love them to bits but after having to kids ya body just aint the same any more i know alot of women have babies and there great and big respect to you for that but im utterly miserable at a time when i should be enjoying my kids and my life with them i lost all my baby wieght and feel great for that but my boobs have totaly gone i was only a b before but not they are less then an a i feel totaly crap about myself i dont like to wear little tops which kills me in the summer time i really cant afford a boob job although i have saved a tiny little money but its hard sound slike a sob story and it is really would like the help for my sanity if nothing else ha ha! so could some one help me! please get in touch thanx if anyone can give me advice or anything! x

Lalinda said on 06/27/09 @ 05:51 PM:
I'm a young 26 year old Latin girl, I'm really in need of a breast augmentation!! Please help me!!!!

owl said on 06/30/09 @ 07:49 AM:
I don't know whether ladies here want to know this, but there are a lot of guys who prefer smaller or saggier boobs. Quite a few web sites specialise in each. Sometimes I look at the sites where surgeons display their breast enhancement work, and I usually prefer the "before" pics. Just one man's opinion.

brittany lindell said on 07/11/09 @ 11:29 PM:
I am working on saving for my own boob job.
I'm blond
5'9" with dark blue eyes

i have a clothing business called 'some kind-o- radical' and will have a documentary out on the net soon.

Could always use donations towards the boob job. I am hoping it will be the finally of the documentary. Donors can be mentioned!


laura said on 07/28/09 @ 08:54 AM:
hi i am 23 years old and have no boobs and would really be very greatful to whom ever helps me reach my target for a boob job i have always wanted i fill low all the time cant even look at my self in the mirror coz i dont fill like the person looking back at me is me i want to fill like a woman for once thanks x

owl said on 07/28/09 @ 12:12 PM:
I'm a guy who finds small tits attractive, especially if they're saggy. Flat chested is nice too.

Lots of guys feel as I do. Good luck ladies!

Ashley said on 07/31/09 @ 07:59 PM:
I am 22 years old and have had 2 boys back to back; 14 months apart. I am currently smaller than an A which makes it impossible to find a bra. I would love implants to help push my self-esteem more. I am embarassed to wear bathing suits and cute shirts because I have nothing to fill them with. And it's also affecting the sex life. I don't take my shirt off. No if's, and's or buts. So please help, that would be great!

susan said on 08/27/09 @ 03:32 AM:
Hi my name is susan, I am 42 and I have had implants for 13 years, I woke up the other day and one of them was litterally gone !!!! OMG This is awful and not to mention that I am now lopsided. I have had a few consults and I cannot afford to get this done. i am desperate and have noone that I can ask to help me with the funding. i need to get this dont as soon as possible I have already found a physician to do the surgery and feel very confident that he will do a superb job. Please help me get my Boob back,

Desperately seeking a boob, susan

Amanda said on 09/03/09 @ 10:11 PM:
My name is Amanda. I'm 5'4 and 130 lbs. my body is pretty great for having two kids. but im also 20 years young and my chest does not seem to fit my body. it makes me very sad. i just want to be sexy again. I know breast augmentation would do the trick to boost my confidence! It is my dream for myself?

mariah said on 09/04/09 @ 09:18 AM:
hello i'm i am 18 female uk i am petite size 8 i have toned body guys say i am beautiful and dont need a boob job BUT i want a boob job i as i am really insecure about my small sized boobs i really want to become a glamour model but feel many other girls have the full package including big pert boobs it would make me very happy and a lot more confident if you would help with funding Please lots of love Mariah...x add huggs-x@hotmail.co.uk ..thanks x

miranda said on 09/25/09 @ 03:36 PM:
Hi my name is Miranda, i come from london in the uk. I have been living with a flat chest all my life didnt even get one when i was pregnant i feel so insecure and dont feel my breast are part of me as they dont fit in with my body i went to see my gp regarding this and she said i could be a good candinate as i have no breast tissue and it is not for cosmetic reasons she could see how upset i was im not looking for huge cartoon breast all i want is at least a b cup t the nhs have turned me down i am so low and depressed if i could afford this i would pay for it myself i please could some kind person donate inable for me to have this surgery my email is pwetti_pwincess92@hotmail.com

Thanks and god bless xxx

becki said on 10/12/09 @ 01:55 PM:
ive had 4 heart surgeries , no boobs left since i lost weight, marriage broke up and i just want to feel feminine and sexy for me , not a man just want to feel nice so please help me get some boobs please

jazzmin said on 10/19/09 @ 12:23 PM:
im 18 and i have scoliosis and they said tht sometimes it effects your boobs and one of my boobs is like a full [c ]and the other one is a full [a]. i dont want to go my whole life with this condition ...can someone please help me get my boobs done.......

Victoria said on 10/22/09 @ 12:39 PM:
Hello, my name is Victoria. I can't believe I am asking someone to assist with my boob job but here I am! I am 39 and a mother. I have lost 50 pounds working out and weight training. I am a size 14 and am trying to raise money to have my surgery when I am a size 10. I had a high risk pregnancy and was bed ridden for 4 months and that is when I packed on the pounds. The exercise and strict diet has me looking great until I take off my bra. I have a very pretty face with green eyes and blonde hair. I have worked so hard to bring my body up to par but my breasts are not going to change without surgery. Perhaps someone is someone is willing to grant a beautiful gift to a very nice woman?

heather said on 11/06/09 @ 08:20 AM:
Hi guys my name is Heather I have had two kids and I'm recently divorced. I need my boobs done i've been trying to save but just can't get the money together. I was wondering if anyone was feeling generous. The rest of me is great and I know there are some nice men out there that would love to help make a woman feel beautiful right?

Jen said on 11/22/09 @ 11:57 PM:
Hello, I am 23 years old and I just recently got out of a 4+ year relationship after he cheated on me. I am still very heartbroken. I am always wearing padded bras and have never felt confident about my breast size and how uneven they are. I feel like I don't have much self confidence left and I think breast augmentation would really make a difference. If you could help me out it would honestly mean the world to me.

jonathan said on 12/19/09 @ 04:18 PM:
show me a pictuure of you

gayle said on 12/23/09 @ 10:49 AM:
im 33 and have 2 beutiful children one is 10 and the other is 3, ive never been married or able to have a long term relationship even though i long for a stable family home, after much soul searching i have realised it is because if my own insecurities im attractive and love my personality until it comes to getting naked and intimate with someone then i fall apart as dont feel like a real woman due to my size a sagging breasts, i know tht if i could have implants my confidence would no longer be flawed if u could help me i would be the happiest woman alive and ull never know what it means to me

heather said on 12/29/09 @ 09:09 PM:
Single mother of 2 who is obsessed with wanting boobs. I have been flat chested all my life. I know there is someone out there who can help me. I am happy with just about every other part of my body. I hate seeing girls with great boobs. I just want the chance to feel totally secure with my looks. I am willing to send photos to anyone who will help with any donation amount. Please email me if interested: heathermarie1217@yahoo.com

Nameless One said on 01/09/10 @ 06:26 AM:
My name is harriet am on a fixed income I don't have any kids and I want to get cosmetic surgery done but I cannot afford the funsds please help if anybody can help I will really appriciate it.Am only 27 years old and I feel attractive at all I can be reached at 3019175886 or 3012785473 thanks.

karla said on 01/10/10 @ 11:01 PM:
hi im karla i need help paying for my boob job i hate being flat i see all this other girls with big boobs and i wish that was just me


Mommy said on 01/16/10 @ 03:53 PM:
Hi guys!!! Go to my site www.makemommyover.com and help with my boob job! I promise you will LOVE the results!

laura said on 01/19/10 @ 08:13 AM:
i want bigger boobs what is the web site when men donate money towards them thanks

sophie said on 01/23/10 @ 03:19 PM:
hi im sophie,im 20yrs old and had my son Cai when i was 18 i wanted the best for my son,so i brest fed for the first 3months.'the worst experience of my life'it was a nightmair right from the baggining he wouldnt latch on preperly and i got thrush on my nipples. It was so painfull when he fed.But i was determind to do the best for him. Once i stopped breast feeding i was lefft with two emty sacks of nuthing.its really depressing knowing i would probably never b able to afford sugary myself so if anyone could help. Im not askin for any one 2 pay, just if you know of any sites or gd scheems that help people like me. thanx xxxxxxx gd luck 2 u all xxxxxxxx

NIKKI LEE said on 04/13/10 @ 05:06 PM:


katt said on 05/19/10 @ 02:42 PM:
help???lookin for a donation to help me get a boob job ave 3 kids and i am struggling to find 3000 towards them. i have no boobs at all this is makn me depressed and a severe lack of confidence please help if you can thanksxx

Heidi said on 05/24/10 @ 01:50 PM:
Help me feel like a women....I have two kids and never had boobs! I wont be able to save or take out a loan for them.....if theirs people out there wanting to help us women feel complete then please help me....you wont regret it!

Alan said on 05/25/10 @ 06:47 PM:
hi katt try www.buymyboobies.me not as exploitative as myfreeimplands

carol said on 06/15/10 @ 01:40 PM:
i want a boob job to been looking all over for funds an came up empty handed it would so help my self esteem an my income level plz help

emma said on 06/17/10 @ 04:49 PM:
hi, im a single mum of 1 been working hard in my part time job trying 2 save the funds 4 a boob job and it seems it's never guna happen 4 me with bills and things always poping up funds r so low so i would b so grateful ov any help it would give me so much more self estem 4 my self and a whole new life so im grateful 4 any help.

katrina mcateer said on 08/23/10 @ 01:45 PM:
hi im kat, im 21 and i have had twin gals and another baby gal..i realli need boobs im only a 32a if even, i am completely flat chested. willing to do anything for help for a boob job xx katrina_mcateer@yahoo.co.uk

Nicki said on 12/01/10 @ 05:53 PM:
hi i lost a lot of weight recently and i want a breast augmentation if any guy can help either add my facebook or send me a message :) nickiwilson@live.co.uk. I am 23 years old, a lot of people say i am stunning too. I honestly believe it will change my life and i am an aspiring model/actress so it could even help boost my career!

sarah said on 02/01/11 @ 12:47 PM:
hey im sarah 21 from sheffield and needin some real help on my boobies :) i would love a boob job sooo bad :(( im not happy at the minute. im a curvy size 10 with a big bum my boobs r just too small for my body!! boo!! plz anyone i wud be so god dam greatfull xx

erin said on 02/13/11 @ 01:09 PM:
hi am erin 30 year old xx have had 3 children so my boobs are kinda well not boobs anymore x you can email me at erin.sharp@live.co.uk i wood be sooooo grateful if anyone cud help xx i wood also send pic xxx thnk you xxxx

joanne said on 02/19/11 @ 02:27 PM:

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sophie said on 04/11/11 @ 08:24 AM:
hi im sophie im 25 years old ive got a small chest and i have no confidence and low self esteem because of it. I would really love a boob job to give me the confidence back it would change my life completly and make me feel great please donate what you can email me let me know thank you xxxxxxxx amarie85_6@hotmail.co.uk

sophie said on 04/11/11 @ 08:27 AM:
hi im sophie im 25 years old ive got a small chest and i have no confidence and low self esteem because of it. I would really love a boob job to give me the confidence back it would change my life completly and make me feel great please donate what you can email me let me know thank you xxxxxxxx amarie85_6@hotmail.co.uk

liz said on 05/04/11 @ 03:07 PM:
hi my name is liz i am 27 and i had 1 boyfriend because i got a small chest it would change my life please help me i dont no what to say x lizjoyce@live.co.uk

ruby said on 05/05/11 @ 12:57 PM:
Hi my name is ruby and I'm 21. After havin my little boy my boobs have shrunk and I hate them. I would love for someone to donate money so I can have them done and would be happy to show the results! Please email me with any donations lilbiatch891@hotmail.co.uk x

whitney said on 05/24/11 @ 04:57 PM:
Hi, my name is whitney. I'm 19 years old and need help getting money together for a boob job. I know I'm young, but I also know that I want bigger sexier boobs to make myself feel better. I would love some help from any you :) please email me so we can talk...my email ist lookingtobesexy@yahoo.comi

Jayda said on 06/14/11 @ 03:20 PM:
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Christine said on 06/20/11 @ 01:35 AM:
I am a college student whose entire income goes into my schooling. But I have an incredibly small chest and always have. I would absolutely adore to have breasts for once in my life. Especially while I'm still young. I am 22 at the moment and any donations would be greatly appreciated! If you want to help me out please feel free to email me and I would love to send you pictures of my journey! My email is sexy.christine_17@yahoo.com.

Linda said on 07/07/11 @ 09:13 AM:
I am a 27 year old single mom of three. I breast fed all of my kids and it cost me my breasts. I feel like I'm deformed and am so insecure about losing my breasts I can't even go to the grocery store without worrying if people will notice. Taking my bra off is mortifying for me. I know I'm a beautiful girl and have no problem finding men that agree :) I feel that I can't live out a confident fulfilling life untill I'm fixed. Breasts are a symbol of femminity and I need to get mine back. Please please help!

Linda said on 07/07/11 @ 09:16 AM:
My email is iloveenoch@gmail.com

Kia cooper said on 07/08/11 @ 09:36 PM:
I need a boob job to fill better bout my self some body help me plz......

kelly said on 08/04/11 @ 04:49 PM:
I want new boobs because I dance and make money oing so, but could possibly make more if I had splendid boobies to share! I have one kid, and I just want a lift and if possible would love the "internal bra" that is new and even more supportive.... but its only offered elsewhere, and is pricey. Anyhelp i could get would be great.

kim said on 08/11/11 @ 05:21 AM:
i am 23 years old.attractive woman.i put on some weight and have now lost 3 stone i am healthy size 12, but don't feel confident with my boobs. some1 please help me......

michele said on 08/11/11 @ 05:24 AM:
i am a divorced mum of 4 i have breast fed all my children, which has left me with my deflated boobs, lost all my confidence since my divorce,need to ragain my boobs and confidence.....help me plz ......

nataliejo123123 said on 08/21/11 @ 12:55 PM:

nataliejo123123 said on 08/21/11 @ 12:58 PM:
i need help funding my boob job to enhance my 32b's to d's i am really desperate now. please help email me at natalie.rich@live.co.uk

Serena said on 11/12/11 @ 03:06 PM:
This looks like a new opportunity in helping to get funding for those all important boobs: http://freebreastimplants.org

Debi said on 11/14/11 @ 10:14 PM:
Please help me, I've always had small, awkward looking breasts. I am 44 now, I had 4 children, breastfed them all and that didn't help matters ( but i dnt regret it ) I have recently lost over 100 lbs and to have nice breasts would be the icing on the cake and I know I would finally have the looks that I've always yearned for. I will do whatever to get the help i need in getting this done. I'd also love my chin and eyes done, but I don't want to get greedy. Someone please just help me get nice breasts so I will be a happier, more self confident woman. I really need this.

Ariana said on 01/17/12 @ 09:34 PM:
Hi my name is Ariana I am 20 years old I know its young for wanting a boob job but, I do have rather small breasts and would like to at least have a c cup, i am barley a b right now i have a nice body but no breasts. Please help me make me feel more confident in myself.

Nichole said on 02/08/12 @ 01:33 PM:
How do I get a free boob job my boobs are small and I want to at lease get to a d cup

Kara said on 03/29/12 @ 05:21 AM:
Hi, please help me. I'm 21 and want to be a dancer and need good boobs to help my confidence and to get out on the pole. Please email me if you can help

bernie said on 04/26/12 @ 12:43 PM:
hi could anyone give me some advice on how to get help paying for A BOOB JOB! if so plz email me asap ! thanks :) x

janelle said on 06/10/12 @ 12:42 AM:
I would greatly appreciate a nicer,equally sized,fuller,firmer,set of boobs.I have a story that you would and could appreciate.At the same time,I would and could appreciate, any assistance you could offer at this time or would consider offering in the near future.(815)990-3109 cell.Call netyme to inquirer.Any assistance would be forever appreciated.Thanx:)

whit said on 06/13/12 @ 03:06 PM:
Hey boys!! ;) .....and gals!
Help me get the boobs iv always wanted..email me lookingtobesexy@yahoo.com

tina said on 07/10/12 @ 12:21 AM:
my names louise my adult work names turnon tina i have had small boobs all my life and i am looking for help in making them biggger i would personally send pictures to the person/s that help me and you never know it could lead to something more , ive been depressed because of it for a number of years not feeling whole and if you help me you will be worshiped and pampered i promise thats the least i could do , email me at louisetye99@yahoo.com thank you for reading

Angela mains said on 08/26/12 @ 06:47 PM:
Would really love for help on how to get free boob job as my boobs are no longer existing after havin 4 kids. My self conscious is 0 Please help as I can't afford to buy and cant get on nhs!! I'm so deppressed with it and I'm only 32 xx

britt britt said on 08/28/12 @ 09:22 AM:
hi, i am 24 and have always wanted bigger boobs. i was kicked in the chest as a young girl resulting in the stunt of one of thems growth. :( im so ahamed of it . i am told everyday i could be a model or exotic dancer .. if they only knew.. all i want is to feel completley beautiful. i dont want to be afraid of bathing suits and getting naked. If someone could help me get this boob job i promis i will pay you back. im not askng fo a handout for free. you dont know me as i dont you and i know someone isnt going to help without gettin something in return. repayment detail are negotiable.. please email me at brandymays@rocketmail.com n lets make a deal of a lifeime. do you want a girl thats going to be there for any need you need met to be by your side .. you found her

EmilyC said on 10/01/12 @ 11:13 AM:
I am 22, work full time as a manager in an adult store. I work 55 hours a week, and organise events in my free time as well as raising money for cats protection. however I still cant raise money to afford a breast enlargemennt. I work so hard and all my money goes out to rent and bills. I am tired of looking like a little girl. all those special moments are ruined by my flat chest, stopping me being itimate with anyone. I wont swim, go to the gym, Clothes dont fit, and when I shower I cant even look at myself. I am tall and skinny to so there is no hidig it, makes me feel like a man most of the time. the worst part is working in a sex shop. surrounded by full beautiful women. I order and pick lingerie too but can never find anything to fit and am so dissapointed when i cant buy any sexy underwear. I just have to avoid it all together. Please, from the bottom of my heart. help me. I am so tired of looking at myself and feeling like a prepubesant boy! emilycthomas@live.co.uk

Callie said on 10/14/12 @ 11:14 AM:
Hi my name is Callie. I am 18 years old and have been dying to get a boob job. I model my face for some local ads and make some money by selling videos of myself on the internet. Unfortunately I am unconfident in my chest so i wont take my top of despite my users requests which prevents me from making more money. If anyone would help pay for me to get a boob job I promise I would make it worth their while. Payment term are negotiable. I have a gorgeous face and all I need is the boobs to go with it and I really believe I can go places. Consider it an investment. Plus you'll get to make me feel so sexy and confident in myself that I'll be very happy and greatful to you and will promise to pay you back. If anyone is interested contact me at callielovesautobots@yahoo.com

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Hi all my name is maddison im 27 years old and since i had my three children my breasts and stomach have had it. i work two jobs and would love any help anyone can give me towards my breast fund. i would be willing to send the before and after pics once i had my surgery. please help a dirty horny girl in need. my email is lr202@aol.com

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please any one help me get my tits enlarged

patricia said on 07/05/13 @ 01:25 PM:
please email me on patriciaaustin@rocketmail.com it be worth you while x

sarah beatty said on 07/06/13 @ 06:01 PM:
Hi ladies and guys. I was saving money to get my breast done. But I had to spend all my money when the home we was living in had caught on fire. Then on top of thar I have to pay for my sons physical therapy every week. And being a single mother of three, it's very hard. I've been wanting to get this surgery done. Is there anyone or any way that I can't get som help please? Thanks.

Amoura said on 10/01/13 @ 01:55 AM:
Hey everyone please i need help raising money for my boob job. I'm young single mum, working part time and student. But still can't raise the money to do it. I love my body but the only thing bringing me down is my boobs I hate them :(( and I don't have no confidence at all I hope someone out there understand and want to HELP. thank you for taking the time to read my post

Amoura said on 10/01/13 @ 01:56 AM:
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emily jane said on 03/28/14 @ 09:35 AM:
Hi I am single 22 year old in much need of some help for a breast enlargment. I am 5.10 very slim and my boobs are just a big down fall I would really like some help with this as I can see there are some very generous people out there that want to help people get there confidence!x please help!!! X

emily jane said on 03/28/14 @ 09:38 AM:
Lamby0101@hotmail.co.uk help

Sheree said on 04/10/14 @ 10:37 AM:
Please Help Me!!! By Donating Towards My Breast Enhancement. I've finished breast feeding a few months ago and they have vanished from 34D to not needing a bra. I just have a nipples and loose empty skin. Please help me feel like a woman again:(

Tara said on 11/24/14 @ 01:38 PM:
Please help me! My boobs are tiny and its very upsetting!! X

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natishia said on 05/16/15 @ 01:43 AM:
Hi I'm hoping to get some donations to get breast implants I'm 19years old I've been pregnant 4times but I've only got 1 baby I lost 3 babys all together I give birth to 2 baby girls who passed away been threw a lot but now I wanna pick myself up and be confident and I wanna be able to enjoy the summer wearing dresses take my daugther shopping I want to be happy my chest is horrible they've gone droopy saggy even my nipples have gone saggy my nipple is literly under the breast I've got 1 boob bigger then the other I can wear a push up bra and it doesn't push them up not even a little bit nothing my partner doesn't see them because I'm facing away to change I cry every day it makes me depressed I want to feel like a women I've never had big boobs I've always been small but they horrible theirs nothing left you would think I was older then what I acherly am please help I would very much appreciate all your help here's the link


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