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I finally have the comments feature (sort of) working (just close the pop up after you make a comment), and now have semi-functional archives (with search engine), I've added the posting categories to each entry so you can browse by category, and I even have made it so that you can throw your e-mail into the form at the top of the page, and you can be notified when I (or Gregg) update the page. Remember you can always recommend this site to your friends (and have a chance at winning $10-grand), donate to my cause, buy me something, hire me, or use the search tools in the upper-right hand part of the page to search various places (more coming soon). And remember, reloading the front page will always yield a new quote (there are several thousand in the database, so the likelihood of you getting the same one twice is slim).

Remember, come back daily, and we'll try to have something new for you (Tuesday and Wednesday might be a bit slow, as those are my days off from work, and I'm usually updating this site when I'm waiting for my computer to process away through a pile of things or I'm on my lunch break).

Also of note, you can access this site at the following URLs:

Posted by Jake on 01/05/03 @ 12:58 PM
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