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We're having a baby!

I have a rather large announcement (and this will hopefully get some of you who haven't bothered to call/write us for a while to start): Lydia and I are expecting another addition to the family! Lydia's pregnant, due next Summer, so there will be another little one in the family. Hannah's excited about being a big sister, and we're excited to have another one (though this is probably going to be the LAST one...our house ain't big enough). That means that all of you who have been meaning to stay with us since we had the extra room had better hurry, as that room's going to the new child soon.

This also means that anybody who was expecting a gift from us is probably not going to get one as I'm dang-near broke, and had to take a pay cut at Sunray (www.sunrayinc.com) so I could get on the Oregon Health Plan (since they dropped their health coverage, as many companies are doing).

Don't hesitate to click on the "Donate" link if some of you folks that I went to college with landed wonderful high-paying jobs and want to throw some money my way .

Have a happy, safe, and enjoyable holidays!
-Jake, Lydia, Hannah, and (Jonathan or Michelle ... ask again in August, and those spellings aren't necessarily final)

Posted by Jake on 12/23/02 @ 09:12 PM
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