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I'm bored at work

I'm sitting here waiting for my twinky laptop to chunk away at a batch process in Photoshop, so I'll use my other computer to post some fun stuff from Fark:

  • Who Wants to Marry a Penniless Ditch Digger?
  • Doctor prescribes 20,000 doses of painkillers to a patient in a single year
  • Father really doesn't want his daughter working at a strip club
  • Director of Lord Of The Rings is starting to look like a hobbit
  • Bandit is breaking into places and only stealing gumballs
  • TV network plans NASCAR reality show - pickled egg, pork rind companies vie for product placement gold mine
  • Cheerleader kicked off squad for taking ACT
  • Burger King man caught selling cocaine from drive-through
  • Man getting $158 for every batch of condoms he and his girlfriend use
  • Top 10 gas guzzlers - and most of them are GM Cars

    Posted by Jake on 12/09/02 @ 04:39 PM
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