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Housekeepers tend to break things

Some how, our housekeeping department here at Sunray has managed to nearly destroy every printer that gets put in their office. When I first got here, they didn't have a printer in their office. We had a Lexmark Optra 1250 that wasn't being used, so I set it up back there so they wouldn't have to get off their butts and . It was old and beat up, but it worked. Two weeks later, the thing had a paper jam that wouldn't go away. I ripped and tore the printer apart, couldn't find a paper jam anywhere, yet the printer wouldn't print. I figured "oh well, it's served its due."

We recently replaced the Brother HL 1440 in my office with a meaty Tektronix/Xerox Phaser 860DP (thanks to FreeColorPrinters.com -- e-mail me if you want details on the program that gave us this printer for free, and I can send you information and make myself a bit of money if you sign up). Anyway, I moved the Brother back to housekeeping as it's a good little printer (really cheap toner and uses standard 72-pin SIMMs). Set it up, and it worked great for a few months.

I get here this morning, and they've managed to jam paper in there really good. I reach in to pull the paper out, and only half of it comes out -- the other half was completely mashed in there. I spent over 90-minutes with tweezers, needle-nose pliers, and a small-parts-grabber tool, pulling out the little mashed up bits of paper (since there was no real easy way to dismantle the printer to get to its output path).

I told them if they ever had the trouble again, THEY get to deal with it ;-).

Posted by Jake on 12/09/02 @ 10:37 AM
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